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How do you: take off a bandaid, jump into a pool?

Asked by Soubresaut (13714points) December 18th, 2009

I’m not actually asking HOW… I’m asking, you specifically, are you the type of person who rips off the bandaid, or slowly peels it; do you leap into the deep end of a cold pool, or crawl down the steps trying to adjust to the water.
It may be really dumb, but I’m wondering: if you rip the bandaid, do you also jump into the pool? And does peeling the bandaid go with creeping into the pool?
Maybe I just like thinking in metaphors. But I’m wondering, if the way you approach those little things has anything to do with how you approach life. Or am I just crazy? : ) Thoughts?

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rip it off, jump in at once.

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Bandaid — slowly and carefully.
Pool — dip my legs in for a few seconds, then jump in.

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Another vote for ripping and jumping.

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All in, baby!

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Rip off band aids.
Only go in heated pools.

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Rip off bandAid.

Turn over steak.

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I burn off the bandaid with a torch and then dive into the shallow end headfirst to put out the flames.

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I try to rip it off, but I am too afraid of the pain, so I end up just slowly peeling it off.

I go slowly into the hot tub.

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@MrItty I’m with you on this one.

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I usually wait until the band aid comes off or close to off by itself then rip it off fast and I jump right into a pool after waiting for it to be warmed by the sun or heater. So I guess I am a wait then jump kind of person :)

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So it is true. Quality over quantity. Good to see!

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Be a man. take a deep breathe and rip it off in on stroke. why do you need a swimming pool? instead, hit the wall with your fist. this pain will make you forget all about the bandaid caper.

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I just rip them off! I’m not about to let women have all the fun waxing!

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Leap and the net will appear.

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I rip off bandaids, but I wade sloooooowly into cold water. And I mean slowly! If the water is warm sometimes I’ll go in a little faster, but I absolutely NEVER jump into pools, lakes, oceans, extremely large puddles…

Of course I also don’t know how to swim very well, so jumping into deep water could potentially result in death. Might have something to do with it.

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Band-aid: rip.
Pool: by inches.

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I soak in a hot bathtub for a while to breakdown the adhesive and slowly remove the Band-aid.

I normally will dive into water. I hate going in slowly. The worst is when the cold water gets to my boy-bits. Diving is easier.

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Having tried the slow and the fast method, I can say the fast method is better. It’s better to just get it over with.

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I’m a peel a plaster off slowly and gently type of gal as if i rip it off i always end up with an itchy blister type of rash…............ Too much info?

As for the pool jump or dive in gets you over the shock quicker. i always amazed to see people sticking a toe in and then shivering NO offence to anyone who does that but to me your just prolonging the agony by doing so !

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Rip the bandaid for sure. And where I live the water is always bathtub temperature so jump right in.

I am a ripper and a jumper! And damned proud of it!

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I think that the answer you seek is this: No. Peeling a band-aid does not retroactively affect Jumping in the pool. As you can see, some can rip off a band-aid and at the same time, inch their way into a pool. So, in the case of your question I would feel safe to say that no is the appropriate answer.

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I slowly peel it off, its kinda fun.
In a pool? Uhm… If its hot out then i jump in but normally i sit down first using the sides and then just go in.

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I’m not actually asking HOW
If this question had nothing to do with band aids is there a reason why otherwise intelligent people couldn’t think of another metaphor? Get creative.

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unplug thier amplifiers!

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Bandaid comes off at a medium pace. I’d rip it, but my skin, she is sensitive. I jump into pools like it’s my job.

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It is the way I have led my life also, if I know something has to be done, even if it is not going to be particularly pleasant, I just dive right in and get to it. Often it turns out to be not nearly as bad as I was anticipating, sometimes it is even fun!

I guess it is too early to be amusingly creative.

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I rip and jump.

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I quickly pull it off.

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Rip and jump

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