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What question do people want answered with a lie?

Asked by 6rant6 (13700points) December 19th, 2009

Do these jeans make me look fat? Am I the best you’ve ever had? Don’t you just love my mom?

What other questions do people expect you to lie in response to if the answer isn’t what they want?

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Do you ever lie?

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All women when they say. Does my bum look big in this?

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Howya doin’?

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I don’t want any of my questions answered with an untruthful answer.

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@ucme agreed. most women would be upset if their man answered “yes”. however while i know my butt looks big all the time, i don’t mind hearing “yes…BUT I LIKE IT”

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@deni I like big butts & can’t deny!

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“Is it just me or does….”
No, it’s not just you, everyone thinks like that.

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“How are you?”

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Towards an erring child: “How many times do I have to tell you?”

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Do you think I’m ugly? I never met a person who wanted to hear the truth about that.

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do you think im annoying?

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You need some help with that?

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Do I look fat?

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How many other men have you been with before me? ( and vice versa )

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@AGRIGENTO Why would anyone in their right mind want that answer to be a lie?

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no one wants a lie for an answer. everyone seeks truth. in these sort of cases (do these jeans make me look fat) they probably want to be surprised by a truth (eg. “actually, they make you look thin!” “really?!”) but they don’t ever want a lie. lies are considered bad for a reason: they somehow actually harm the person to believe.

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I can’t speak for anyone else but I prefer the truth at all times. I know I have a big butt, I am not silly enough to ask if these jeans make my butt look big, the answer is likely to be, no, but your butt makes those jeans look big.

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do you love me???
I think Bon Jovi wrote a song about that

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So if someone asks, do you think what he did to me was fair?” You might think, “Yeah, you brought it on yourself.” And if you said that it would be the truth.

And you might say, “He was totally out of line,” which would be a lie.

But you could also say, “I think what he did was wrong, but you know, I can kind of see his side of it.” Which is mostly a lie.

Or, “I think the way he did it was not the best, but I can understand where he was coming from.” which is mostly the truth.

Or, “I’m not in a position to judge,” which seems wonderfully neutral, and is probably the truth, but in my experience is most likely to get your head taken off.

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Someone just posted another question about whether or not they should tell the truth to their boyfriend about why they wanted to break up. They suggested the real reason was bad breath, bad teeth, and cigarette smoking. I suggested telling the truth wasn’t the way to go—that it was better to lie and spare the guy’s feelings.

Any time someone’s feelings are an issue, if nothing is lost by lying, it’s best to lie.

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In that case, FlipFlap, what is lost is an opportunity for that boy to improve his hygiene. Should every person in that boy’s life lie and just avoid him indefinitely?

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@Ninjacolin, it depends on which is valued more. There are always pros and cons in every situation.

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I think it’s best to tell someone when their fly is open.

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When I ask someone “How are you?”, I really want to know…

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“Why didn’t you cast me?” No one is ever satisfied with the answer, but the truth is often, “You weren’t very good,” and absolutely no one takes that well.

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Yes, those questions and many more people ask because they are hoping the answerer will play along and bolster their denial or prop up the lie they tell themselves. IMO people by nature want to here affirmation from other or from other sources to back up what they believe; if another can agree then it has to be true or have some truth in it. If I am not going to take what someone said seriously about how a shirt or suit looked like I would not bother asking, if it looked good to me then I would wear it not caring what anyone said. You don’t make a lot of friends that way believe me, but at least in the real world here I am respected. They know if they want a honest answer with out a lot of BS and such I am the one to ask. I don’t have time to suck up and blow smoke up someone’s tail pipe, not here or in my daily world. I think you do a disservice to the person by not giving it to them straight. If I told someone they dance really well when they dance like a monkey with his tail on fire stuck in a pit of deep mud, they might go to a party thinking they can ”bust a move” and get laugh at like a clown. All because they didn’t get the straight info from me because I wanted to make them feel good. Too many people cannot handle the truth.

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”.......and the hoooooome of the braaaaaaaave…...”

“I’m thinking of auditioning to sing before a baseball game…do you think I have a chance ??”

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