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What's your favorite place on your body to be kissed?

Asked by le_inferno (6194points) December 19th, 2009

Is there a favorite place where you like to be touched/kissed the most? Personally, it drives me absolutely crazy to be kissed on the neck. I seem to be quite sensitive there.

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Just behind my pubic bone.

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also on my neck.

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In bed! Always leads to much more interesting endeavours.

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I like a nice tender kiss on the lips

cyn's avatar

under a mistletoe

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I love being kissed on my neck and on and around my belly. :)

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Removed by picnic ants.

Hawaii_Jake's avatar

@ucme : You limit interesting endeavours to the bed? Boooooring.

le_inferno's avatar

(edited my question cause it wasn’t very clear, I meant where on the body)

Sarcasm's avatar

My vagina.
wait what

Tveg's avatar

A soft kiss on my lips!

PretentiousArtist's avatar

Sarcasm’s vagina

definitive's avatar

Yes most definitely…you just can’t beat being kissed on the neck…but it’s really weird because I seem to have a preference for the left side of my neck…yeah baby!!

ucme's avatar

@hawaii_jake Nobody limited anything to anywhere. What the hell are you reading man.

Pretty_Lilly's avatar

South of the Border or Down Under, I heard it is lovely this time of year !

hearkat's avatar

anywhere and everywhere… I am very sensual.

Hawaii_Jake's avatar

@ucme : Just reading your words and making unwarranted inferences. :)

tyrantxseries's avatar

on my cheek lol

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

My elbow.Drives me wild.

ucme's avatar

@Well if it floats your boat carry on

chyna's avatar

Start with my neck and work your way down. Soft wet kisses all over.

ucme's avatar

@chyna Get a room

TominLasVegas's avatar

my chest and neck

colliedog's avatar

My appendix.

TominLasVegas's avatar

@chyna you’ve got my attention :)

DominicX's avatar

I really love being kissed on the lips, but other than that, being kissed in the chestal area is pretty sweet TMI: on the nipples cough. However, there isn’t really any place I’ve been kissed that I dislike.

stratman37's avatar

on my eyelids (while my eyes are closed, of course)

cyn's avatar

That was way too much info Dominic.
you edited the question?! I like Eskimo kisses. A kiss on the neck-shoulder area feels great….
OH GOD!!....

Cupcake's avatar

my lips
my neck
my hips
my ankles

phil196662's avatar

ok- and everywhere in between @cupcake?

deni's avatar

well, i love kisses on the lips, but cheek kisses are the cutest thing ever. i love them. also the side of the nose. its kind of weird, but it’s cute as well. but really, ANYWHERE.

StillStephanie's avatar

Well i dont have a place i dont like kissed but a nice soft kiss on the lips work, or collar bone, eh and my neck… oh if you kiss me on my cheek i break into a huge smile :D

phil196662's avatar

Stephanie- Cheek and ears work for you?

PretentiousArtist's avatar

Great, Sarcasm’s vagina is all over my lurve section

hug_of_war's avatar

neck for me as well

deni's avatar

@PretentiousArtist for SOME reason that made me think of this and now i am dying of laughter, as i do every time i look at that.

phil196662's avatar

Ahhhhhhhhhh haahahahahahahahhahaahahahaha Deni- Good one!

Corporate_Avenger's avatar

@deni—-Ohhhhhhhhhh SNAP!

holden's avatar

@deni @PretentiousArtist @Sarcasm you are all now my favorite.

Oxymoron's avatar

The neck for sure.

HungryGuy's avatar

Uhm, well, er, you know….

phil196662's avatar

@HungryGuy , keep writing! don’t mind the Dark Side!

HungryGuy's avatar

@phil196662 – Do they have a Penalty Box here for using dirty words????

phil196662's avatar

I think just Flagging, just do smart substitutions, written right we will understand! But you could send a request for an Adult section!

PretentiousArtist's avatar

@holden I thought I was your favourite a LONG time ago! :(

HungryGuy's avatar

@phil196662 – Well, I think I wrote it in a way that you understand :) But, nah, I don’t plan to ask for an Adult section any time soon. Someone else new suggested a new feature reminiscint of the way some other Q&A site worked, and all the jellies ripped her a new one…

Though, truth be told, I’d love to see an Adult section here, as well as an Outside The, er, Fluther section for those off-the-wall questions they keep sending back to me for editing.

deni's avatar

@holden well you were always my favorite…ph now i know how one sided this relationship has been SIGH

phil196662's avatar

@HungryGuy ; we will see what happens here.

hearkat's avatar

@HungryGuy: Profanity and adult topics are allowed here. As long as your spelling and grammar are correct! We just prefer having the NSFW note in the title, and attached to any links that people might want to avoid opening in certain situations.

phil196662's avatar

Ok- duly noted…

Dr_C's avatar

Underside of the penis

doesnotmakesenseatall's avatar

When the heat is on, anywhere. **laughs**

JessicaisinLove's avatar

I don’t remember

trailsillustrated's avatar

the ‘nuque’

daemonelson's avatar

My trapeziuses.

drdoombot's avatar

The underside of the glans of my penis.

wundayatta's avatar

Theres a place that is so sensitive on me, a place where a warm nuzzle and the feeling of her breath create that sense of expectation so that when she does press her lips to my skin, I go wild. I you travel South of the obelisk, and all the way around the apricots, you’ll find my personal fields of joy. You can kiss me there all you want! ;-)

Corporate_Avenger's avatar

@trailsillustrated – I doubt that many people know that “nuque” is Portuguese for the French word “poussoir”

trailsillustrated's avatar

hehe yess indeed ‘button’’ he

Violet's avatar

the clit

Corporate_Avenger's avatar

Oh shit…I knew someone was gonna go there.

trailsillustrated's avatar

but I really meant the nape of the neck

Violet's avatar

@Corporate_Avenger – it’s the truth!!

Cruiser's avatar

On a blanket over looking the beach…

whiteroseman's avatar

Neck, ear-lobes and nipples.

Response moderated
whatshouldiput's avatar

behind the ear on the edge of the jaw. And under the jaw.

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Cheek, Earlobe then side of neck then down, across and Repeat! Just like you say @RebeccaSJ… All in Fun!

liliesndaisies's avatar

My clean sexy toes.

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flutherother's avatar

Yes please.

tifa's avatar

neck, than down slowly

cazzie's avatar

If he starts kissing my back, I’m all his.

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