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In your opinion are the words of a sober or drunk person the truth and why?

Asked by littleGirlLost (323points) December 19th, 2009

In which scenario do you think you get the truth?

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Your more likely to tell the truth or act like your true self when drunk

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A drunk is more likely to be brutally honest, but at the same time, he is intoxicated, so may say something stupid or nonsensical that has nothing to do with reality.

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That really is impossible to answer. I can think of plenty of times when a sober person would lie, and I can think of times when a drunk would tell the truth.

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In vino veritas. There is truth in a saying that has lasted thousands of years. Alcohol is a solvent that releases the oils in the tongue, allowing people to speak more freely.

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Is it the kind of thing they would hide if they were sober, or the kind of thing they would brag about if they were drunk?

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Drunk people speak the truth more- they usually don’t think through what they are saying and it doesn’t pass through the normal “filters” that a sober person usually places on his words to be sure he wants to say them out loud.

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You also have to take into account that a true drunk may lie to hide where he’s been or what he’s been doing to his family, while a sober person may not have anything to hide.

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I would qualify that I think a drunk’s “opinions” are closer to the truth of what he really feels than they might be if he were sober, because he’s no longer filtering for tact, sensibility, practicality—and safety. For example, don’t ask a drunk, “Do you think this dress makes me look fat?” unless you’re prepared to hear what he really thinks.

And on the other hand, a drunk’s idea about “facts” can be wildly off the mark. For example, how many times have you watched one of the “true reality” shows such as COPS to see the police stop some guy who’s been driving for a half-hour on the wrong side of the Interstate, with no lights in the middle of the night, sideswiping guardrails, running people off the road, running on a flat tire for a mile or more… and when they finally get him out of the car and hold him up (because he can’t stand unassisted) he tells them, “Why, no, I ain’ drunk.”

And that’s all I got to say ‘bout dat.

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Opinion? A sober individual will lie outrageously as it suits their purposes. A drunk is usually impeded enough to not care enough to lie. they CAN, just don’t always. They are more stuck on killing more brain cells.

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oh the drunk person will tell the truth no matter what because that person, at that very moment, doesn’t really care about what others think

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If one trains assidouosly, drinking and lying for a minimum of four hours per day every day, one can lie as glibly while drunk as he can while sober. We enthusiasts hope that Intoxicated Prevarication will one day be an Olympic event.

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Drinking usually numbs the senses, so I can’t imagine it would ever really make anyone speak more truthfully.

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how did I know I’d find my husband on this question? ;)

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I believe that if a person is TOTALLY wasted; and you can tell that they are not actually in control of what theya re doing…. THEN, you will probably get the TRUTH.

However; it is easy to FAKE being intoxicated and say BS that you expect others to believe because you were “Drunk” ....

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@ratboy . . . Intoxicated Prevarication was the name of the garage band I belonged to in high school. I left over artistic differences and they changed their name to Pearl Jam.

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A drunk guaranteed will blurt out things they “want” to say but didn’t have the courage to say sober yet the same drunk wouldn’t have the courage to back up those bombastic verbal epitaphs when sober…

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I believe alcohol doesn’t necessarily make people more truthful, but it does make people do what they want to. For example, my friend when she got drunk loved to tell people things that weren’t true. Those people weren’t getting the truth but they were being shown what she liked to do.

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@ratboy… Ah, an athletic endeavor instead of a political one? One can only hope.

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The drunk would probably tell the truth about something he is hiding or is supposed to be kept secret.

The sober person tells the truth to those s/he trusts.

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It depends on the person. I can tell you the truth either way or lie either way.
I think it goes either way. People lie when sober and lie when drunk.
It funny but sometimes people will ask me things when I get drunk (which is rare) just because I giggle and they think I’m lying because I giggle when sloshed. However I am telling the truth, but I just can’t stop laughing. Especially when they say I’m lying because I’m laughing. Which I find amusing when drunk and only giggle more.

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Neither are the truth because nothing is the truth.

But a drunk person is more likely to say things they would probably not say while sober. Could be a great secret revealed, or complete nonsense.

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a drunk will say self serving things, but will also be brutally honest.

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Well, if what they’re saying is true. Then yes, it’s the truth.
However, if what they’re saying is complete nonsense. Then no, it’s not the truth.

Scarily similar to when they’re not drunk, don’t you think?

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I have always thought that a “drunk don’t lie”. They are not afraid to speak their mind and tend to be honest when drunk. I will believe a drunk when talking about a serious situation.

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Intoxication lowers inhibitions and doesn’t really care about consequences as much so they are more likely to talk and what they say is more likely to be true.

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Man I can’t stand drunk people. But I think people can speak the truth while drunk,alcohol definately gives people liquid courage,
but it can also say a lot of dumb stuff that isn’t true.

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@Violet, exactly. That’s the point I was trying to make earlier.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. From my experience pound for pound the sloshed person will tell you more of what is really on their mind than a sober person. There are some sober persons that are so frank they will give it to you straight, but most are calculating and do not want to be seen in an ill light so they won’t tell you the honest truth.

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Drunks are experts at lying to themselves and others. Sober people may be better able to construct a plausible lie.

It’s not hard to identify people who consistently tell the truth. For one thing, it is hard work to consistently lie and not get caught. It requires a near perfect memory and since few people are so gifted, the liars struggle to keep from being caught in a lie makes them hesitant to answer and evasive when they can’t remember what they told you and what they may have told others within hearing distance of your conversation.

Honest people are more relaxed when questioned since their answer will be the sane for you as for anyone else who might have asked or whom might ask. Yhis makes it easy to identify people you can trust.

I hope this answer is helpful. Ask me again next week and I’ll give you pretty much the same answer!

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@Dr_Lawrence And what of those of us who are naturally high-strung and anxious? Are we never to be trusted?
There are times where I won’t even bother answering questions because people won’t believe the truth, at least not if they hear it from me. It has nothing to do with me having a history of lying—(I am a generally honest person, but only those who know me well know that little secret) but more to do with me being hesitant to speak and nervous when I do period.—

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A liar stays a liar even after a few too many. An honest guy doesn’t get any more truthful after a few too many. I agree with Violet, all booze is is liquid courage, it’s not a truth serum.

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In vino veritas, or alcohol in – truth out… every language and culture has a variation of this – with good reason.

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A person occasionally sloshed might give up their inhibitions and blurt out some truths but “professional” drunks, round the clock year after year drinkers live their lives constructed on lies, those they tell to themselves become the truths they share with others. Drunks create their own reality and sometimes it seems to mesh with the sober one but stick around long enough and you will see everything start to crumble.

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