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What's the most regrettable thing you've done while under the influence of alcohol?

Asked by smack (1217points) December 19th, 2009

I know I’ve done a few things that made me hit myself the next morning and wonder, “what the %$#* did I do?!” I think my shining moment was when I peed in a bush in front of the local Wawa while at least 30 of my classmates were milling about on the sidewalk… Any others?

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I fwew up.

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@pdworkin I never frow up when I drink..

I told my SO’s brother that we had sex on his bed.
We were all at a party and the entire room heard.
It was a mess.

I mainly just say dumb things.

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Kissed a man twice my age and wasn’t able to remember what I did the next day

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Driving north in the south bound lane.
Or should I say, spinning.

But don’t worry. Dodged traffic, car stalled. Started car, drove home.
Had an epiphany.

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I allowed my 17 year old nephew to drive my 1971 Monte Carlo and we were in a serious car crash… Totaled the car , I was hospitalized for three weeks , he had to go to e/r….

NOTE: I never ever drank when i was even going to be in a car after that…. I should have known better to begin with…

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There isn’t enough space to write all the things, and there isn’t enough time to read them all.

Let’s just say that the world is a better place since I stopped drinking.

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Had a 3some with Tiger & Barack

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@Pretty_Lilly – You freak!

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Regrettable? Nothing as such.
Stupid things? Many. **laughs**

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360 degree vomit stream in a train station. It was actually pretty funny.

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Being a nasty bitch to my dear husband.

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You are a Wawa person? Me too! Best. Convenience store. Ever.

I have done a ton of stupid things while drunk, but driving takes the cake. I’m fine with accidentally killing myself, but putting others in such danger was a very wrong thing to do.

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Besides actually getting drunk? Probably throwing up twice on my friends porch.

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I pooped in a church parking lot. And I pooped under a my friends parents boat in their driveway. I was sixteen. I guess drinking in excess when I was young caused me to poop in odd places.

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I only got really drunk one time and the most regrettable thing that happened because of it, is really what didn’t happen. I got so drunk at a christmas eve party one day that I ended up in bed sick as a dog all christmas day long and even though I was very hungry I couldn’t eat all the goodies my mom made. She didn’t even yell at me. All she did was keep offering me all my favorite foods, that I had to pass up and watch everyone else enjoy. I never ever got that drunk again. And never will.

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how do we get rid of people who constantly have their comments removed??? sorry for bringing this up here, but this same person has had like 282374 of them in the past hour and it’s annoying

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@Samantha_Rae whenever you notice a problem you can hit the comment button, and a mod will get whatever message you leave.

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Why don’t you not worry about it and appreciate the spirit of those willing to take risks.

Some users are caught between being true to their convicions and self censorship in order to stay published.

Finding that fine line is accomplished through trial and error.

I’m sure in time the user your thinking of will find his or her way.

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Heave my guts out.

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@proXXi She was referring to a deliberate troublemaker who has been spamming different threads all night. You don’t really want to encourage that, do you?

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Experience has taught me to be skeptical of claims of troublemaking until proven otherwise.

I believe burden of proof should rest on moderators as opposed to users when it comes to such charges.

I’m not insisting that @Samantha_Rae is wrong, but I would have to see this potential offenders content for myself before making a judgment.

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I saw it several places and I’m the one who flagged it.

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Probably the most regrettable was when I walked around the party going up to complete strangers and apologising to them for being so drunk. And then continued to tell them that I’m normally a very nice person and that they’re not to judge me by this conversation.

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I was texting with my cousin while on much beer and painkillers.

The conversation turned to her new girlfriend and how yummy she was. (My cousin and I are very close and open minded. She’s like the younger brother I never had).

The next day I felt like we had been too specific about said topic.

She swears it was no problem but I still feel a little yukky.

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I honestly don’t remember. This is why it is important for me not drink anymore.

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I guess I had a few drunken one night stands, but I have a friend who was puking, and I was helping her stand up, and she ended up kind of peeing on me..

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While having sex with my boyfriend I puked all over him, myself, and a few other objects that were nearby. It was so embarassing!

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One of the first times I got drunk, I kind of forced my sober friend to “babysit” me and apparently I was really annoying and I thanked him a million times and kept apologizing even though he kept insisting that it was “no problem”, but I still felt very embarrassed and I don’t like to do that to friends.

Edit: More’s coming back. One time, I just decided to “go egging” with several of my friends. We egged the shit out of one of my friend’s cars and we egged a few houses. Also, I threw up (this was one of the earliest times I got drunk) in someone’s backyard. And then there was that time I told my friend Alicia that I thought Rory (my boyfriend) was so hot and I wanted to see him “so naked” as I drunkenly put it. That was long before we started going out; that was junior year.

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Oh dear Lelac…

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I had sex with Xxxx Xxxxxxx.

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There was time, not so many years ago, that I fancied myself as the premier giver of oral pleasure. When I was drunk, I was willing to not only share that information but also willing to prove it. Let’s just say that I attempted to prove myself way too often and with some not so savory women. Thank goodness I never, ever picked up any STD I thank margaritas for killing those germs even though they are the things that got me in trouble in the first place !

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Said something I didn’t mean much too loudly, and ruined a friendship that was just beginning.

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i drank some mezcal whole bottle when i was 25, i got up in the morning at 2 and peed in his waste bin

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my best friend was out drinking with her boyfriend & later that night, she woke up at his house… anddd apparently not realizing that the closet is NOT a bathroom, she peed on the floor/his slippers & went back to bed like nothing happened.

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OMG! I didthat once too. @Samantha_Rae

I passed back out on top of my closet urine pool. My poor girlfriend had to wake up one of our more burly friends, who had stayed over after a huge weekend bash, to lift my naked body back into the bed…

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LOL!How much time do you have???

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TYPO i meant my bro in laws bedroom lol

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In college – I woke up with an orange traffic cone at the foot of my bed on the floor & a ‘Caution Wet Floor’ sign in bed with me. I don’t remember a thing that happened, but my room mates said it was hilarious.

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Ha. Monday night I went off on my ex’s girlfriend in the worst way. He ended our friendship. And oh yeah, he was my best friend. :|

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