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Is there any way you can teach yourself to not talk and/or sing through your nose?

Asked by LeopardGecko (1237points) December 19th, 2009

Has this ever been done before? Is it possible?

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I sing and talk through my mouth… Maybe I don’t understand this question…

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From a Yahoo answer that confirmed my thoughts:

Yes, try voice therapy. Often nasal intonation is habituated and open laryngeal/pharyngeal phonation that focuses on strengthening the pharyngeal flap will improve your voice dramatically. If the problem is not a lazy flap, but a physiologically incompetent flap (the covering that seperates your oral and nasal cavities is too short or thin) there are surgeries that can give you closure and thus alter your vocal output.
Edit: If you are sincere about wanting to change your voice visit an ENT that has a staff Speech Language Pathologist. Together they can make the determination whether your problem is behavioural or physiological and will let you know your best options for improvement. There are only three phonemes in the english language that should be made with any nasality or nasal emission. They are m,n and ng. If you put your finger in front of your nose you will feel air transmission when you make these speech sounds. You should not feel any air when you make any other speech sounds from your nose because your pharyngeal flap (at the top of your throat and behind your uvula should automatically raise and fill the cavity that closes your mouth and nose cavities.) Try that simple test first. Good luck. Feel free to email me with any questions. There are further practice materials in a very good book called “Change Your Voice, Change Your Life”. I have employed several of these techniques with feedback in successfully improving voices in voice therapy.
Speech Language Pathologist

Try googling Nasal Speech Improvement – don’t click on the first one (Mac something) it’ll screw up your pc for some reason.

Bon Chance.

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It’s definitely possible! To tell whether you are speaking or singing through your nose, place a fingertip lightly under each nostril: if you can feel air coming out of your nose when you speak, or your nose feels like it’s vibrating, make a conscious effort to direct the air out through your mouth. Even if you don’t know exactly what muscles you’re using, your body will probably know what to do.

After a little bit of experiment myself, I can tell you that it’s near impossible to make a nasal sound when your mouth is open and tall like a 0. In singing, a ‘two-finger-gap” between your lips is ideal, but for this stick three fingers in your mouth (one on top of the other) and make an ah sound. You should notice that it’s much easier for the air to come through your mouth than through your nose. Then, try to recreate this feeling when speaking normally.

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Practice singing while plugging your nose. If you feel the vibration in your nose/fingers then change it up.

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Yes. Practice closing your nasal passages while talking or singing. The main sounds that will be different will be the “m” and “n” sounds. Use different volumes of voice too. From soft to very loud. See how each one feels different. Then open up your nasal passages and see if you can duplicate the sounds made while they were closed. It takes some practice, but it can be achieved. I actually taught myself how to sing more through my mouth and less through my nose because of a comment someone left about one of my YouTube videos.

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Yes. Duct tape

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