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Have you seen 102 Minutes of 9/11 on the History Channel?

Asked by Violet (6571points) December 20th, 2009

I watched it last night, and it was the most jaw dropping thing I have ever seen. When people from the towers called 9–11, they were told to stay where they were, yelled at, and then were hung up on.

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I saw it last night for the second time. Still riveting. I only wish they would have identifed some of the firemen we saw moving into the disaster area. I wondered about each and their fate as they passed.

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@UScitizen – I cried a bunch of times, and I didn’t even cry on 9/11.
The names of ALL the firemen who died:
picture of ALL the firemen who died:

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@Violet The phtographs of that many people who gave their lives…. truly gut wrenching. Ty for the link. I’ll keep it.

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@UScitizen – you’re welcome. I can’t even look at all of the pictures, or I’ll start crying.

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My girlfriend was downstairs in the lobby when the first plane hit the tower. She was helped out of the building and away from the site by an unknown person – since she’s blind she doesn’t even know for sure if it was a man or a woman. There was too much noise to talk. She still has trouble with overhead helicopters and jets, and with certain odors.

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No, but I read the book that I think it’s based on. Horrifying, yet impossible to put down.

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—Glad I wasn’t there, some of my friends were talking about the sound of people bouncing off the roof after having jumped from windows. I was working running cable to various locations around campus so people could watch what was going on. Other details are still difficult to talk about.

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@pdworkin – that just gave me goosebumbs. That is such an incredible story. Now I have tears in my eyes.
@majorrich – at NYU? One of the women in the documentary was from NYU, and she shot video of the people falling. I feel bad asking, but instead of directly telling me the other details, do you know of a link or some other place where I can read about it? I feel like I am about 9 years behind on 9/11 details.
@Dr_Dredd – what was the book?

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@Violet The book was “102 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers.”

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