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How do you feel about tipping the person that cleans your hotel room?

Asked by lfino (1489points) December 21st, 2009

It is something that you always do? Is there anyone who doesn’t tip in a hotel room? Does it depend on whether you’ve had good service? Do you feel like cleaning is considered ‘part of their job’ and they shouldn’t need an additional tip? Has anyone ever had the cleaning person leave a note for you asking what they did wrong if you haven’t left a tip after Day 1? How much do you leave if you do tip? Do you leave a tip after each day or at the end of the vacation?

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If they do a great job, definitely feel free to do so. We usually leave about $5/day.

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I always leave a little bit of cash for the cleaning people at hotels, working a living wage job is pretty hard work and the extra cash can go along way.

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I leave at least $5 a day.

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I think a few bucks a night is totally fair. And a little note on a napkin saying “thanks!” along side. It’s a shitty job to have to do and they deserve to know it’s appreciated.

Once however, we found glitter in the bed. IN. Like in the sheets. Clearly dirty sheets were used. :(

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Yeah, I always tip. Who wants to clean somebody else’s mess? I know I don’t. It’s a tough job and I can’t imagine it pays very well anyway.

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I would rather do away with this “tipping” think altogether and simply pay more for the room, or have a ‘maid service charge’ added on. I sometimes forget to tip when packing and making sure I have everything.

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If they do a good job and you have the money to leave then why not.

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I find tipping to be a rather strange thing, to be honest… In Australia we have no such concept in place and I honestly can’t see a reason for it.

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The job sucks, but they took it anyway. I’d rather reward them for an honest living rather than have them out selling drugs to people’s children. Tip generously folks.

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I used to be a housekeeper at a hotel, and tips are greatly appreciated and very helpful, but not expected.

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@davids What are the wages like in Australia? Is tipping customary for any service or are you referring specifically to hotel cleaning people?

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If they did a good job of course I tip. How would you feel to have to scrub a urine splattered toilet, clean up pubic hairs in the shower, and touch bed sheets that have sticky “substances” on it? Leave a damn tip!

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@Spirit_of_the_Nomad I was referring to overall. The wages are pretty good, from memory, the average wage in Australia was like… 35–40,000/year now?

I don’t see why the minimum wages in the U.S. just aren’t increased and tipping done away with all together?

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I regularly tip the cleaning staff and give additional tips if extra services are requested (additional towels, etc). It’s a shitty minimum wage job and the additional money is badly needed. I would rather see a system in place like Scandinavian countries where all jobs are paid a living wage and tipping of any kind is considered vulgar.

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It’s not normal to tip cleaning staff in hotels in the UK but if I ever travelled to the US and stayed in a hotel, I would. But then, wages are higher here for that sort of staff so they don’t depend on tips so much.

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It’s definitely a hard job and I feel they deserve a tip if they are doing it correctly. I worked in hotel for a number of years and those poor folks had it rough. When I stay at a hotel, I always strip the bed and put all the linens and towels in a pile when I’m done with them (usually at checkout) and leave a couple dollars a day.

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I never did think to do so…I will tip the next time.

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My mother is a housekeeper at a hotel here in NYC – I never forget how hard she works and tip others that do her work.

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I always tipped on my way out. Not while I’m there staying. I always thought they would feel funny about it like they are stealing. So I wait till the room was vacant.

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I always leave a tip for the cleaning staff, like @BBSDTfamily , about five dollars a day. But I usually leave the motel room, not necessarily a wreck, but I am kind of a slob and I make my own coffee in there and there are always coffee grounds in the sink and other miscellaneous bits of mess around.l Most certainly far from the worst that they have ever seen but its hard work for the amount of money they make and in a busy hotel/motel they have to work on a deadline because there is a relatively short time between when people check out an when other people check in.

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Tip them if they display a good attitude. Tip when you leave or tip daily. Sometimes a different person will be cleaning the room on the day you leave. But tip. Those people work their butts off at a difficult job and deserve it if they do a good job and are pleasant.

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@Pandora When I tip, I put it in an envelope and put “housekeeper” on the envelope. That way I can tip daily. Good to see you.

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@lillycoyote I beg to differ. From your description, you leave the room a wreak. Double your tip.

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@plethora Good tip. Thanks

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