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Is snoring a problem for you?

Asked by strange1 (1203points) December 21st, 2009

Have you ever been kicked out of bed for snoring? i have many a time! the sofa is a common sleeping place. are there any surefire home remedies ?proprietry remedies carry too much of a premeum for my liking

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No problem for me. My wife is a heavy sleeper so if I do snore she dosent care.

Have you tried those noise strips to open your airways?

Are you overweight? I hear being overweight has a lot to do with it.

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Not since I lost 40 pounds

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For me it is a past-tense problem in that my ex is a terrible snorer. He refused to seek any medical treatment for his condition, although 2 of his siblings suffer from chronic sleep apnea. Some suggestions would be to try this pillow, and of course the Breathe Right snore strips. I’m not sure what the whisper at the end of your comment means, but I would definitely encourage you to seek help for this condition. In the end, isn’t your partner’s ability to get a full night’s sleep, and getting to cuddle with them worth the cost of treatment?

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My fiancé snores sometimes. It usually only happens if his neck is twisted too far to the side or when the air is too dry. I reach over and smack him in the face gently shake him until it stops.

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ha ha! yes ive had punches to the stomach! that gives me a mini heart attack, so ive gotten used to waking myself up with the snoring now and gently slipping away downstairs

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I wouldn’t know…I’m sleeping!

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Nope, I am a silent sleeper. :)

Except for the occasional embarrassing moaning sound or something…(and if I’m having a scary dream, it’s going to be even worse).

My boyfriend breathes very loudly during the day, so during the night it’s even louder, but it’s still not snoring.

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Yeah it is. I also have sleep apnea. Perhaps that’s why I am single…

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yeah, i snore loud, it really doesnt bother me…

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Yes, My wife has sleep apnea, and we sleep in seperate bed rooms. She does snore to beat the band.

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Hubby snores terribly. I went downstairs one night, after repeatedly pushing hubby over onto his side only to have him roll onto his back again. Anyway, went downstairs to the kitchen to make a cuppa and i could still hear him snoring over the noise of the kettle boiling. He does wear those little strips on his nose and they’ve helped a bit but i still get woke up maybe once or twice on a good night, and repeatedly all through the night on a bad one. I’m really tired all the time.

Hubby has offered to sleep in another room but I don’t want him to. I’m always reminded of what my mother in law told me a few weeks after we lost my dad in law. She said she couldn’t sleep properly because the bed was too big and that she just couldn’t settle because she missed him snoring.
hugs all xx

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Not for me, but whomever I’m sleeping with.

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Only when I was fat. I’m no longer fat.

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My husband snores so terribly that I cannot sleep in the same room. He is unwilling to seek help for the problem. For the last several months I’ve been sleeping upstairs. I don’t mind. It really bothers him and he says its not right that we sleep seperately. I told him to go to the doctor and see about getting a sleep study. I’m not going to lay sleeplessly in bed at night because he won’t try to solve his snoring problem! It totally doesn’t matter to me where I sleep as long as I get my few hours.

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No…I’m a quiet sleeper.

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Snoring is a problem for me in that my hubby snores.

I’ve learned to sleep with ear plugs.
That also means that he has to deal with anything that happens at night, as I can’t hear anything.

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It is sometimes a problem for my Husband. He refuses to do anything about it. The nose stripes did not work.

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My hubby snores. I have a hard time falling asleep normally, so when he’s snoring it’s nigh on impossible.

I make certain to fall asleep before he does, and we keep an air purifier in the room. The white noise helps, but if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night, it could take forever for me to fall back to sleep. I usually end up needing to swallow some melatonin.

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I have kicked myself out of our bedroom because of my husband’s snoring. I just cannot sleep and he comes home so exhausted that I do not have the heart to tell him to sleep on the couch so I shift myself there.

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Snoring is a problem for me… I don’t snore but I can’t stand people who do.

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My husband snores so loudly that one time when I was downstairs, I thought there was a semi idling outside and it turned out to be HIM snoring upstairs!!! It’s just something I’ve had to learn to live with… my sister snored too when we were kids and we shared a room!! ARGH!!!

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I am a big snorer… I had neighbors MOVE when I lived up north in a double because they could hear my snoring thru the walls…

I’ve been TRYING those strips that go over your nose and they do help somewhat , for me…

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@HighShaman i tried them and they didnt seem to work for mee

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