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How many of your expenses do you pay online?

Asked by Ghost_in_the_system (2035points) December 22nd, 2009

With the advent of internet banking and the desire to be as “paperless” as possible, most companies offer the option to electronically debit your bills from your account automatically each month. Some people are put off because of identity theft being so easy online. Considering these, how much of your expenses are paid online?

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As a victim of identity theft ; I do not pay anything online…. I don’t care how “Secure” it is ; there are ways to get your personal info….

Checks and money orders ..all the way !

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My tuition.

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I do everything but pay rent. But I just give my sister the $250 per month in cash for room/utilities/food.

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Everything but groceries!

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I charge everything but a few utilities to my credit card. I read the statement online and then pay from checking account, online also. Never had a single problem.

Electric, car and house insurance, telecommunications, Medicare A, B and D are budgeted monthly and debited also from my checking account.

When I charged my new desktop Mac, MC called me to check on the large blip in my normal payment habits. That was good.

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Just about all except utilities. I have gas.

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Everything I can charge to my credit card, I do so. And then set up my credit card for autopay. It’s by far the easiest way to build a strong credit history and credit score. And this way I don’t even need to pay bills online.

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All of them.

Phone & mobile
Credit card & bank payments
All of my shopping (excluding groceries and takeaways)
Foxtel TV

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I pay the majority of mine online. Those that charge me a service fee for doing so, I will pay for the stamp and mail it.

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Another thing, most places offer prices cheaper if you pay online, theres usually some sort of discount!

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All of them. The saving on stamps helps pay for internet!!

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We pay utilities and rent locally, and our two auto loans and the motorcycle loan via direct debit. Everything else we do online.

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We pay most bills online. The difference is that we do not set them up to be automatic.

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Zilch. Zero. Nada.

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none- not safe enough for me.

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I pay all my regular bills online (with my phone, no less) except for my rent check because my landlord is a dinosaur and doesn’t accept online bill pay.

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I pay online for most places offer prices cheaper.

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I usually just pay for items on ebay, amazon, and sword websites to be honest. That said, a little under 150$ a year.

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Pretty much all of my bills are paid online with the exception of my apartment bill.

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