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Is this site (see inside) as safe from hackers as they claim to be?

Asked by snowberry (21426points) October 26th, 2011

What do you think of this? Are there any potential problems?

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I don’t like trusting any site with any more information than I have to. I keep it all on my machine at home. If someone wants it, they could break in and steal the machine and if they worked really hard, they could decrypt my passwords, for all the good it would do them. There is still crucial information missing that is kept only in my head and probably couldn’t be figured out. It is not susceptible to hacking, I don’t think.

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If its in cyberspace, you can believe that hackers work 24/7 in decoding for a profit.

I trust no sites.

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Yes, That’s what I was thinking, but I’m a mess when it comes to paying bills on time. I have the money, but don’t do the job well. If left to myself, I might hire an accountant to do the job for me.

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Same thing with me. With the sophisticated methods used by hackers, I don’t think this site is absolutely safe. Sometimes we really have to pay a lot for convenience.

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As an alternative, does your bank have online bill payment with scheduling?

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I’ve had my accounts hacked but luckily small ones (itunes) so I am always cautious. That said, my neighbors use to keep track of their finances (Oprah recommended – yeah, I know) and have been very pleased by the security. You would still need to stay on top of it but in a different way.

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I don’t like the idea of giving out my bill paying info. Do you really think there’s no way that site can be hacked? All it takes i one disgruntled employee and another with a connection in China, Russia, or India (and others) and the account info can be sold.

Man up and just pay the bills. Make a paper calendar if you have to.
Or, how about sending yourself a calendar message for each bill?

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I like how the bottom of the “article” admits “This article sponsored by”. In other words, it’s not a news article or an independent review. It’s simply a marketing release by that company itself.

By the way, if any company offers you its services without charging you for it, that’s because you are the commodity. (See also: pigs who think the resort they live at is such a great deal because they get all the grain they want)

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@snowberry My husband is a computer geek for a living. I don’t know about the site you linked but will share with you that he has used this site four our bills/finances since it’s inception. We like to be able to see all of it with graphs-etc. It truly does help us manage our money better. It is 100% free and does not advertise to us in anyway.

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I have the same issue with managing bills—not because I don’t have the money, but because of the hassle of task management of bills arriving at different times, and getting things mailed on time. I started using my bank’s free automatic bill-pay system and it’s been a godsend. Also, with it being a bank, I don’t worry much about it being hacked, not to mention even if they did manage to break in, I know my bank will cover my losses.

I can download records of my transactions and import them into software I run on my machine at home if I want to track expenses and such.

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The only code that’s safe from hackers is the one on the computer that’s off, unplugged, and locked deep inside Yucca Mountain.

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No site is entirely safe and secure. But, and I don’t know if this is the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, but they seem to have looked into it and have nothing bad to say at least.

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@snowberry lol you are not the only one that takes too long when it comes to paying the bills late. I don’t have credit cards, banking accounts etc. I prefer the old style using money and paying only at their local office [not at banks or any any other place]. Why? Because if I have questions they can answer them on the spot and not give me a phone number to call in between X and Y hours.

@Nullo I agree with you but most of us don’t own too much and if someone decides to use online banking accounts doesn’t have to much to lose. For instance my friends put a limit to how much they can spend per day. SO if money are directed towards anything else then paying bills [real bills not take ones] they can’t take more than 20 euros per day. They can however spend for groceries and stuff like this but let’s be serious… who’s gonna steal your bank account to do the groceries :D

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@Hibernate One account probably wouldn’t present one with much of a haul, but if the security is compromised they could get all of the accounts. The idea would be to make up the difference in volume.

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Thanks for all the great input. I think I’ll find a different way to pay my bills rather than this website!

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@snowberry you can always ask a friend to pay them for you if they have some spare time.

BTW. congrats on all your ones :D 11111 ^^ Looks nice ^^

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You might look into some of these bill paying services. Also the one you were looking at, doesn’t actually seem to be an automatic bill paying service, it just helps you track and organize your bill but doesn’t allow you to set up automated bill paying.

Also, as @gorillapaws mentioned, you should consider doing, automated bill paying, through your bank. A lot of banks, even the smaller local ones like mine, offer automated bill paying services. It’s free, you don’t have to turn over your account number to a third party and banks take securing pretty seriously.

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