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Who wants to be the first to start the Fluther article on Wikipedia?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1164points) December 22nd, 2009

This article doesn’t exist:

However, you may launch the article, as long as you have a username on that fabled worldwide project.

This is the editing page:

Who wants to go first?

Once the article has been launched, anyone can edit, whether with an account or without. (Anyone who edits without a login will have their IP addresses shown in the Editing History.)

If you have editing ideas but are too afraid (or otherwise hesitant) to put in the edit yourself, let us know what it is and we’ll edit it in for you.

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I think it would be pretty arrogant and presumptuous of any of us who have been here for less than a month to try it, so I sure won’t.

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The only entitled authors are the founders. We are simply their footnotes.

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I’ll only be interested if the article allows mention of kittens, farm girls and zombies.

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@Symbeline Don’t forget pillows.

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@Vunessuh Damn straight.

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I think if anyone does it, it should be Bendrewim or the mods.

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[mod says] If I’m not mistaken, PnL was working on this a while back. I think someone else may have taken over the project, but I can’t remember who!

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@augustlan Oh yeah. I remember the thread about it.

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The article has been started before and taken down. There may be an argument to be made for its significance, but at this point it has been overruled several times in the Wikipedia community.

Edited to add: They do have an Answerbag article and Fluther is mentioned there. Apparently.

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How many published references are there to Fluther? Don’t you have to reference published source material only on Wikipedia?

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JohnPowell already has a fluther wiki on his own page… I’ll try to find the link!

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The problem is that Fluther does not meet Wikipedia’s notability standards. Ideally, you should be able to cite a major mainstream news article about Fluther. There are none afaik; Fluther is mentioned in a throwaway fashion on a single NYT article and it’s profiled in a number of blogs, but this doesn’t actually put it over the threshold.

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I would but I’m afraid Fluther’s Mods would goose-step over to Moderate my article !

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If ever it does make it into wikipedia… be sure to make note of @Qingu ‘s contributions to any and all discussions regarding religion (those are fun to read) and t mention that his cat is nowhere near as cute as my puppies :)

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“If you have editing ideas but are too afraid (or otherwise hesitant) to put in the edit yourself, let us know what it is and we’ll edit it in for you.”

Who exactly is this ‘we’, of which you speak? Have you been hired by the Fluther admin or founders to speak on their behalf? Just askin’...

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Ohhhhhh SNAP!

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Ok… enough with this…

There is a fluther wiki.. created by JohnPowell…
It is here.

End discussion.

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@Dr_C Somehow I doubt it.

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@Fluthermucker a guy can hope…

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Hope and Change…Yes We Can!

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to answer the original question – it’s too late, someone was already first.

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@YARNLADY I thought I had said so 4 posts above yours…

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@Dr_C I just wanted to use the word “first” very clearly. Since when is a correct answer allowed only once? I seem to recall seeing duplicate answers on many other questions.

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@Qingu Wouldn’t this article in the New York Times about Fluther, Andrew and Ben be considered enough of a mainstream article to validate a Wiki article?

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Oh I did not see that article! But it seems similar to the NYT article I did cite in my proposal—it’s not about Fluther, Fluther’s only mentioned once in a sort of throwaway fashion.

The frustrating thing is that I doubt there’s a mainstream media article about Answerbag and Y! Answers but they still get their own article. Oh well. I s’pose you can try again!

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Will fluther give me a million points and a life time of no limit questions if I write one?

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@augustlan @PnL and I were working on it, and in fact, I posted an article, but for whatever reasons (specifically, that we weren’t relevant enough to have an article, if i recall) it was deleted before I even finished it. I still have the Word document with the article to post.

how we’re not relevant enough, but was, i don’t understand.

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I’ve tried creating it in the past and it’s been deleted every time; usually within an hour of being created.

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Those wiki bastards. Hmpf. :/

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@augustlan, I’m seeing a potential brand new website that you just named:™

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One wonders why that hasn’t been made yet haha.

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