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What would you say are your Top Ten Fluther questions of all time?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20297points) June 19th, 2009

Yes, the marriage proposal is a given. The first question, asked by Ben, also a given. As is “pancakes in the frizzer”. Aside from those, what would you say are the best questions ever?

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All of them pertain to God so I am sure the troll hunter would’nt care to know.

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I love this, as well as Astrochuck’s ipod roulette and song title games. As far as my own questions go, this is my best work.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities thanks! i should have specified in the question – it’s “your” as in, your point of view. but any you think you’ve done a bang up job on, why not? :)

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This has been probably my favorite discussion, at least one that I’ve been involved in. We had us a jolly old time.

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I would add the Fluther Story to that list. Flutherisms, Dick Punching, and Fluve are up there in the top 10 too.

But I think the CIA thread has all but the marriage proposal beat.

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@dverhey: The CIA thread is definitely classic!

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@dverhey all good suggestions. thanks!

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This has brightened up my day quite a few times. I think just about everyone can appreciate that question.

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There are quite a few, though I must say this one was exceptionally useful and funny, all wrapped into one nice neat package.

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Sorry, you guys stole all mine. D;

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@shilolo would that one pass on Wikipedia? lol

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@sap82 I shall cry i thought i was your troll hunter !.

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I wasn’t Fluthering when this question was asked, but it seriously is the funniest thread I ever read.

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not a all time best, but a funny one mainly the answers

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@tyrantxseries I second that. Definitely the best one to come out of today.

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