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Have you ever known someone who was incredibly egotistical?

Asked by avvooooooo (8855points) December 22nd, 2009

That would be so arrogant and egotistical that they think every single thing they do, every thought they have, is deserving of accolades and that everyone around them should stand up and applaud because every single thing they do is so fabulous. At what time does this cross over into narcissism for you? Have you ever suggested that someone seek psychological help for their unrealistic view of themselves?

I find that these people are the ones who end up with incredibly lengthy pages on social networking sites, profiles, blogs, and other ways of self-congratulation and self-promotion. How many of these people do you know/have on your friends lists?

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I’ve run into quite a few. They cross the line between arrogance and narcissism when they expect me to actively participate in their “ME” celebrations. I have never told anyone to seek professional help, it’s not my job. I have suggested they seek another audience, that’s not my job either.

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I have come across more than a few. My sister would probably top most, though. She believes that this is her world and everyone else is squirrels. If you aren’t at her beckoned call, You are either beneath her notice or working to sabotage her, even if you don’t know her.

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Somewhat subtler but just as self-inflated are those who blame themselves for everything: “It’s all my fault that…” “If I hadn’t…, x never would have…” “I feel so responsible…” I finally had to tell one of those, “You’re just not important enough for everything to be your fault.”

Pssst, @Ghost_in_the_system, “beck and call.”

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I have known a few. I still do.
The fun part is when you can let a little air out of their sails.

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I believe that I am much too good looking and smart to know such a person !!

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Well, I’m not that egotistical.

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@AstroChuck So your poo smells just a little? ;D

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I had a psychology professor in graduate school who, while quite accomplished in his field, was truly an egomaniac.

I told my peers, “If “Mike Smith” (not his real name) was half as great as he thinks he is, that would make him twice as good as he actually is!”

Unfortunately he was in a position of great power over us all and so none of us would have benefited to disabuse him of his delusions concerning how great he was.

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Anyone who watched this last Survivor sweason will know that Russell was incredibly egotistical.

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I am the least egotistical person in the world and I am better at it than anyone else

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In the line of work I’m in, I deal with them alot. Sometimes, they just have to be put in their place if they get out of line. But if they are just going around touting how wonderful they are, just nod and walk away.

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I do. Being around her is exhausting. I wrote more about it, but writing out just how fantastic she is wore me out.

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I have known lots and I think they are funny because you can insult them right to their face and they think you are kidding. They are so self assured they know you couldn’t possibly mean what you say.

I was going to write a longer response but I am afraid you will think I am an ego maniac if I do.

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Yes, but they are no longer my friends.
Also, have you seen Kerri Ann from Sex Rehab?! SHE is the most egotistical and arrogant person I have ever seen.

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The people who have to share their every random thought and think that everyone should love it as much as they do because it came from them and therefore its fantastic drive me up the wall.

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I’m glad this question is on here. I too have a sibling who is arrogant, narcissistic, self this, self that. She is a bully and always has been. She is a chronic, obsessive blogger and is incredibly nasty even though she runs and operates a business. Her blogs are extremely long (and boring). She will post a blog about her business and directly below it she will post a blog about how much she hates her family and what she would like to do to them. If I didn’t know her but happened to come across her business and researched her on Google and found these crazy and extremely horrible blogs, I would never buy anything from her! Not only does she behave inappropriately online, she refers to herself in the third person most of the time.
I read about this odd behavior and apparently people who do this believe they are more important than they actually are. They put themselves on a pedestal to make themselves appear great. This behavior stems from NOT being important or feeling unimportant and this comes from childhood.
We were raised by very dysfunctional parents and in a hostile, many times violent household and us kids were put on the ‘back burner’ due to our parents fighting and arguing all the time. My sister developed a way to escape from the abuse by going into her own little fantasy world where everything is wonderful.
I am her older sister and I saw my sister delving deeper and deeper into this fantasy world as a very young child and now that she is in her fifties, she still lives in that world. She is functional but she can’t tell reality from fantasy most of the time and her blogs prove it. I don’t know how she runs a business but she runs it from her home and it isn’t rocket science so I suppose she gets by as best she can.
My sister actually believes that when bad things happen to her it isn’t her fault. It’s always someone else’s fault. She has never owned up to anything and I suppose she never will. In my opinion, I don’t see the justification for my sister’s arrogant beliefs that without her ‘contribution’ to the world (her business), the world will suffer. It’s actually sad that she doesn’t realize she needs professional help. My sister has treated so many people badly including her former customers that there are hundreds of complaints about her on the Internet. Now here is the craziest part of this: My sister blames ME for the loss of income from her business. We don’t even live in the same state and we haven’t seen each other in over twenty five years and yet, she believes I have the power to stop her sales. This only proves that my sister needs help.
I don’t know if her hobbies and interests have a link to her madness but she has always ‘dabbled’ in the occult. My sister has always owned Tarot cards, she is heavy into the paranormal, psychics, spiritual beings, and she puts a great deal of importance in dreams.
Psychology is a fascinating subject and because some people are so complex, it’s difficult if not exhausting to try and figure them out. No wonder therapists and psychiatrists charge so much!!!

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I have my moments, but even I have some degree of humility. It’s a real bitch to deal with people who believe that their shit doesn’t stink, and I tend to have serious conflicts with them.

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I think my achievements need not be applauded. I just want what I earn to prop me up into living a better life somehow.

Moreover, if my achievements help other people, my satisfaction will be in knowing the results of how my achievements have helped.

Whatever resources I give to help prop up other people or otherwise propel them ahead in life, I prefer that they “pay it forward” rather than pay it back to me. I also wish to see the results of them paying it forward.

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“If I only had a little humility, I’d be perfect.”
~Ted Turner

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