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Are there any indie/rock bands on Twitter?

Asked by diceliving (87points) February 27th, 2008

i stumbled upon The Subways but wondered if there is a directory any where so that i can follow

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There is a band called Dizmas on Twitter that’s pretty rockin’.

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And not more? Saaad…I think that very few rock musicians have really a clue of what is going on. Many of them have now Myspace, and even some Facebook, but Twitter?... It’would be great to follow our bands through twitters, really. If anyone knows more, please, tell ‘em! :-D

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Hot Seconds ( has been on Twitter for quite awhile – – pretty rockin’ as well, but we’re probably a bit biased :) Cheers!

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The Atomic Love Bombs, a San Francisco band, is on Twitter <>. I found this page when I was trying to find other bands using Twitter. Don’t seem to be many yet, but I should imagine that will change.

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I am looking at ways to utilize Twitter for my band, Cryns #3 ( So far, I have created a blog feed from my band’s blog to Twitter, but haven’t used it for much else. Do you have any ideas on how to Twitter can be useful for bands? Some ideas:
– Announcing shows
– Connecting with fans who are on Twitter
– Announcing last-minute gig changes
– ???


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follow – to stay up to date with new bands on and joining twitter – just look thru the “following” list and you’ll find @thisisblocparty, @thewombats, @weareskylarkin and others

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Here’s a few more:
I have even seen ‘Bowie’ on Twitter but he doesn’t tweet much.

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Well i’ve seen and talked with Simple Plan and the lead singer of Paramore =)

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Here’s two: – Adam levine of Maroon 5 – Arabella, UK Pop band

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Self-promotion here we come…just starting with

Toby, with free internet on a camera phone you can upload (via email with photo attachment) random photos of band happenings via Twitpic (, gigs (watching and playing), whatever.

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