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As a child, what was your favorite/most memorable Christmas gift?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11266points) December 24th, 2009

The two gifts I remember wishing for the most…and receiving…were the “Little Miss Hostess Buffet” by Marx and a telescope.

The “Little Miss Hostess Buffet” was a child-sized buffet (sideboard) made of plastic that had been painted to look like French Provincial (!) furniture. It came with plastic colored “silverware”, plastic “crystal” and plastic “china” with a “silver” colored full tea set….so that you could “entertain dignitaries” (I suppose) in style. I had wished so hard for this. And I was not disappointed. :) It was 60’s tacky plastic and stylin’!

My second most memorable gift and one that I was crazy for…was a telescope as I was really into astronomy in grade school. I think I was about 11 when I got one, so I don’t think “Santa” figured into it….I did have to convince my father that it was a worthwhile purchase as it was “spendy” for the time. It came from Sears.

You know what was really cool? I actually was able to find those two toys online——someone has actually archived the Sears and Western Auto and FAO Schwartz catalogues from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

And what is interesting…is that I still collect dishes (can never have enough vintage plates) and still wonder if life does exist on Mars (it does).

What was your favorite/most memorable gift at Christmas?

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Mine was an Easy Bake oven. I made cakes and brownies, which my dad pronounced delicious.

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@Marina….Ooo! Lucky! I never got one of those…but I probably would have tried to invite myself over to your house to try it out…! LOL!

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A Red Fire Truck.

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Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur

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A Black Lab puppy with a red bow around her neck. We opened all of the presents from Santa, and, I thought that we were done, but, then my Dad came in with “Molly”. I think that I was 9. =)

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Mine was a “The Mask” Car complete with ejecter seat and missiles that fired from the exhaust. It also had wheels with hubcaps that came out and looked like razors. It was a convertable too which just looked incredible.

Then my cousin stepped on it, breaking off the windscreen while I was in the toilet. He was younger than I was. I was really upset and angry with him. I didn’t talk to him the whole day lol. I think the reason it was my favourite present was because I was so close to having it before it was taken away…. by my cousins foot. Oh well lol. I still played with it

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A .22 rifle. It showed me that my father considered me to be a responsible person.

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I’m assuming this includes general presents, not just toys? My most memorable one would have to be when my dad gave everyone in our family a really nice bath towel (we had needed them for a while…kinda lame) for Christmas. He didn’t want to give it away as being a towel, so he vacuum packed them. I seriously thought I was getting a rock!! You shoulda seen the fit I threw…LOL! Then I opened it on Christmas morning and it was this pukey-orange towel, at that. Not exactly my favorite, but I know I’ll never forget it. I was probly about 9.

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A Super Nintendo lol.

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A toy puppy lol

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I remember this toy dog my dad got me that was pretty advanced for the time… a little tan, realistic-looking life-size puppy that barked when you petted his head (you actually had to pull his head back and his mouth would open and make a barking noise).

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I remember when I got my first puppy for Christmas. I was only four years old, but remember it like it was yesterday. He lived almost 15 years.

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When i was about 8 years old, i had the mumps in both sides of my face. i was miserable. this was in the winter of 1952. for about 3 months, my dad had been working on a secret project out in the garage. it was really a hush-hush endeavor for him. i did not have a clue what was happening. the second night of my double mumps, we had in blizzard in my city. it started as rain, the temperature dropped, ice fomed and snow fell to the tune of almost two feet. and, guess who was stuck inside the house? me. of all the days for my dad to finish his “garage project”, it was this day. all my anticipation was about to come to an end. from scratch, my dad had built me a snow sled. it had tubular steele and painted a bright green. what to do? two feet of snow and the mumps and a new sled. all i could do was cry. i loved my new sled, but i was allowed only to open the door and stick my foot in the snow. i loved my dad for making this sled, just for me. i was unable to use my sled for the next four years because of the lack of snow. snow or not, it was a homemade gift from my dad and thats all that mattered to me. john

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I was 11, and I got my very own new bike that wasn’t a hand-me-down. It happened to be (freakishly) warm outside that day, so I could actually ride it through the puddles of melting snow on the sidewalk.

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Ice cube trays.

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<—My kitty, 9 years ago <3 It’s unbelievable how much joy he brings to my whole family!

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!

When I was four my mom gave me a stuffed bear in blue PJs with glow in the dark stars, moons and suns on them. 18 years later I still have it- It’s actually on my bed right now. I think that’s the only thing I’ve kept for such a long time.

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@Marina I never got an Easy Bake Oven since I was a huge tomboy, but my sister once got this oven where she could make jelly bugs and stuff, which was basically the same thing but less girly. I was super jealous, but luckily we played with it all the time together.

My favorite and most influential Christmas gift was my very first Game Boy Pocket. It was my first video game system, and without that I probably would never have become the gamer I am now. It probably also contributed to my gradual transformation into a hermit throughout high school, but…

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Mine was a sled, I think it was called a “western flyer” I was 10 years old. We had many big hills on our farm, and would spend practically all day just sleigh riding.
When I was 13, I entered the sled derby in our county, and I Won!!! I had the fastest time ever recordered. A sled derby is equivalent to the soap box derby races.
They no longer have the sled derby, or soap box derby races in our county. My record will stand forever!! I am very proud of that accomplishment.
I still have the sled in my cellar.

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An American Flyer train set. It was the start of a lifelong interest in trains. It was also the start of my first Empire! Mwahahahaha! : D

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I got the most excited about the Nintendo 64, but I play my xbox 360 more often, so I guess it would be any game system that I have gotten throughout the years.

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The Green Machine. Oh, yeah.

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I am a child now and the most memorable gift that I received is the iPod touch from which I’m writing now

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I only vaguely remember the gifts I received as a kid. The only one that really stands out was the Barbie Dream House I got when I was three. It had an elevator and everything. Wicked cool. Y’know, for a three year old girl in 1989

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It was the cryptic clues on the wrapping paper that my Dad used to make up for me… that I loved and remember the most… I would spend ages trying to figure them out

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My Major Morgan oh and when my sisters and I all got a huge record player to share between us :)

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@Marina…..You are talking about “Creepy Crawlers” ! You would bake them in these electric molds…and they would smell awful…but they were very creeeeeepy….I remember!

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“They’re slimy, they’re grimy, they’re purple and green! Most ferocious little creatures that you’ve ever seen! Cre-e-e-py CRAWLERS!”

Yes, I have a gift for remembering commercial jingles. ^_^

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a big labrador when i was 6 which my dad rescued, i woke in the small hours to find it lying by my bed i could just make it out in the morning light. i thought he was a kangaroo at first!

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I was in the hospital dying from a botched operation when the hired Santa came in with the toy dog I had been saving my allowance for over the past three months. It was the best present I ever received.

After a second operation to remove the poison that had built up inside me, I was allowed to go home, where all my relatives had gathered. I was not expected to see my 13th birthday, but some would say, the best gift I received was my life back.

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A Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time.

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A Charlie Daniels cassette tape. Not memorable because it was my favorite gift ever.. but because of how I reacted as a young kid getting it. My dad got it for me and I opened it and said “Who the heck is Charlie Daniels?” in a why-would-I-ever-listen-to-this kind of way… I always felt bad about reacting that way.. especially after I listened to it and figured out that I actually liked it.

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A commodore vic 20. Our first computer.

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I got SO many presents but my lst “training bra” was really special.
It was completely FLAT across the front, in a box with tissue paper around it. I immediately felt all grown up.

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