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Which of these two photos should I use in my holiday photo cards?

Asked by girlofscience (7527points) December 17th, 2008

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice here. I am about to get these cards made, and I can’t decide which photo to use.

Here are the two options:
Holiday Photo Card Option A
Holiday Photo Card Option B

I like both for different reasons, but I don’t want to sway anyone either way.

Please vote for either A or B, and provide a reason for your vote.

Anyone who votes is welcome to receive a holiday photo card. PM me your address if interested.


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Santa looks weird with a kitten, and it’s hidden away. Better if the kitten is in the front, the first thing the card recipients see will be kittehs!

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I vote for B
because the girl (I’m assuming you) looks happier in it, as an added bonus, you can see the kitten better. And I think the picture is more balanced having you both holding kitties. The kitty gets lost when Santa holds it.

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I vote for A. You’re looking at the camera (in B your gaze is off kilter), and you’re smiling. It is much more engaging.

I do think B is good for kitties, but A is better in terms of presence.

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B here as well.

Because your kittens are engaging each other. It tells more of a story.

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I didn’t even see the second kitten in the first photo until mrdh commented. It’s much better if you can see the whole family!

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I liked B because you are both holding kitties, I just liked it better.

Now that I looked a second time, I still like B, it looks more natural to me.

EmpressPixie's avatar

A. The cats are totally plotting to escape in B.

Unless that’s the message you want to send. In which case—B!

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I vote for B:

1. Santa looks a bit ghetto with that pose in A, it took me a second to see the cat in his arms.
2. I think the two of you each holding a cat has better balance than your boy and Santa holding em. Makes them seem more in the family, more a part of you two, than a prop which I feel they are more like in A.
3. You look better in B in my opinion. Nothing I can really put my finger on, just when I flip between the two I feel B flatters you more than A. On second review, I think part of it is because your skin tone in the second picture is more beige whereas in A it’s a bit grey.
4. Your partner’s facial expression seems a bit too enthusiastic in A, whereas in B it’s a bit more natural, not as bug-eyed.

Cardinal's avatar

I go with ‘B’. Any way to Photoshop the guy in the sweater out?

….......kidding, its a very nice Christmas shot

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I like ‘B’. Santa didn’t see to be uncomfortable in that one. And like some others, I didn’t see the kitten in ‘A’. In ‘B’ it just all seems more natural, not forced.

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I vote for B.

You and your friend look more natural and very nice. Santa appears more natural. The kitties look better also.

In A, Santa looks like he’s about to eat the kitty.

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A. Both looking at camera, plain and simple.

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‘A’ because the kittens look more relaxed but ‘B’ because the humans look more relaxed.

Santa looks pleased to have caught a kitty. Like golem with a ring. Kittens must be rare in lapland. Did you have to pry it from his arms? ;)

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@girlofscience: I took the liberty of cropping B (proportionately) and color balancing it a bit for you. See HERE

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Oh, I like cprevite’s retouch of B. I like it a lot!

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@cprevite: Oh my god, that looks great!!

I just sent through my order on a minute ago and came back to this thread to thank everyone and let you know I chose B, based on all of the input. Now, I wish I had waited just 2 more minutes!!! :( :( :(

cookieman's avatar

Awww – I tried to be quick too.

Either way, you guys still look lovely.

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar

For what it’s worth, B was my fave and cprevite’s re-touch was very nice.

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I’m going with pretty much exactly what dynamicduo said, plus of course, I like cprevite’s retouch better than the original.

Likeradar's avatar

A, for the same reasons as daloon.

wondersteph's avatar

I vote B.
Even though one of the kitties looks like it wants to run away, the picture has a playful vibe & you look great!

dynamicduo's avatar

Yeah, I was going to offer to color correct it as well if you had a higher resolution version to upload. :)

sillymichelleyoung's avatar

I vote for A because I laughed at it and it’s a nice picture overall. It’s always good to bring a smile to whomever you’re sending the pictures to.

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B is much, much better composed according to the classical rules of composition (the eyes flow in a smooth circle from face to face to face).

augustlan's avatar

That will be a nice card! How did you get Santa to visit you so early? ; )

IBERnineD's avatar

I like A! The kitten with Santa is adorable!!!

mangeons's avatar

i like B, because the adorable kitties are much more visible, and you can see the whole family there! Plus, you look happier =)

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I think the image of you in A is slightly nicer, but overall, I prefer B. Two kitties are always better than one. They are both very nice, though.

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I like B!

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BOTH are totally adorable!!!
I’d go with B though because I think the kitties are a nice touch.

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B! Everyone knows two kittens are better than one! Nice job cprevite.

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I would Photoshop out Santa and use B.

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Use A, you look so cute there =]

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B, no question.

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I vote for B all the way.

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actually i changed my mind.


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B. You look more relaxed, GoS.

I know you already sent the photo to the printer. I wanted to respond to say I always love knowing what my favorite Flutherers look like. Thanks for sharing your image with us! And your man, and your cats!

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@Trustinglife: Haha, I love knowing what my favorite Flutherers look like too!

I’m almost sad no one said that I was a cutie. :(

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Yer a cutie!

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Well, my vote is A. I am a BIG cat fan and I think that they are more stressed out looking in B. Plus, it’s better if they are actually LOOKING at the camera unlike B.
Now I know it isn’t all about the cats, probably least about them, but the lady in the photo looks much better without holding a kitten. The kittens are basically the only problem.

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aw you guys and your cats are sooooo cute! i like both but i think B is my favourite.

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GoS, you’re adorable!

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B….things are always better with cats! :)

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overwhelmingly b. Did I spell that right ( not the b, the other word)?

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B is a nicer.Those kitties!!

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B…..Santa looks like he is attempting to steal your kitty in A.

lovely photo!

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go with B and they might appreciate you more.

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