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Will we be able to live into space?

Asked by DS (292points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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Probablely not because for one it is impossibe to build on another planet and two we can’t just float in space.

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People are living there now. Granted, for maybe 4–6 months at time, but they are doing it.

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Quite possibly yes, in 1980 when I was in college there was a book out that envisioned us living in space stations orbiting the earth by 1995. We’ve come along way towards that but not close enough. They also envisioned huge space farms that would be able to produce large amount of food without the reliance on natural weather.

The 2 Biosphere projects although very productive in forwarding the idea found many more questions needed to be answered, and technologies developed, to sustain life outside the atmosphere for significant periods of time.

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The Jetsons did it!

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Who are the Jetsons .’’?? I imagine that people in the future will start building space homes that could float near to earth. Its may be impossible to do that now but in the future as technology develops it may come true.

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I seems that space is a lot more dangerous place to live in, now that we are beginning to understand space weather.

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