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Have you ever bought a HDTV over the internet?

Asked by Axemusica (9500points) December 25th, 2009

I’m in the market for a new one. My main concern is gaming. I don’t really watch TV all to much, but would love to see my PS3 perform. I’ve been looking around and see a lot I like but can’t afford. I found this LG 42LH40 42” for REALLY cheap. After 3–7 day shipping it’s just over $850.

….but I haven’t seen it before and I’ve never really ordered something of this magnitude over the internet before.

Or recommendations? I’m looking for high contrast ratio, 1080p, low response time and I’m really unsure how much of a difference of refresh rate makes a difference, but I heard it may effect signal input speed, which equals bad for gaming. I’d like up to a 46” for under $1,000 although I’d probably go with a 32” if it has a fantastic picture for the price.

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I bought a really cheap 50” Samsung about a month ago. I’m not pissing on your good deal, but I think you can do much better! This is a good one for gaming, but isn’t built especially for that. It’s just to give you an idea of what else is out there, price-wise:

If you’re into gaming, watch for how many ports these things have. We weren’t interested in that. Subsequently, ours only has two ports. We use them for internet and dvd player. Also, you need a 720 or a 1080i. A 720 can be exapnded to an 1080, so don’t get caught up in paying extra just because it has 1080 emblazoned across the box. But you WILL need the “i” and not a “p”. We bought the “p” because it was a better deal, and again… interest in gaming. Our “p” refreshes over .06 seconds. We’re fine with that.

You’ll want a high contrast ratio for gaming! Ours is 2 million to one. But if you can’t find one that has the other things you need AND that within your budget, you can adjust the internal controls with the remote to change the picture to “dynamic”. That’ll save you some money, too!

Don’t know if you’ve compared the plasmas versus the LCDs, but I did. If you want, I can give you my log in ID and password to Consumer Reports online. So you don’t have to pay for the information. It’s due to expire in about a week, so please let me know asap.

Along those same lines, this fluther question might be of service to you:

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@phillis Great Answer! After reading through that thread I’ve decided I definitely do not want a plasma, lol. I don’t buy things like this often, if ever I had in the first place, but I’m looking at it from an investment point of view. I know me, I know that at one point I’d end up burning that damn plasma, lol. Although, the specs for it are amazing.

Also, some games are 1080p for PS3. I’m kind of disappointed, because I have one that I already beat 100% on my shitty analog and I know I missed out some pretty awesome effects due to it being an HD game.

I know that I could get awesome picture quality with a plasma, but it’s not like I’m buying tv’s every couple of year, if they do in fact die within their “expected” life range, but a good rated LCD that’s a little more expensive that will last quite a while, is a little more of my idea.

plus a lot of games have on screen “monitor” type deal-ie-O’s for extended periods of time which I’m sure would eventually burn there way into a Plasma.

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Oh, damn! How could I miss such an important point! Shit!

Look, After I did more research, I bought a 3 year extended warranty. I bought THE cheapest one I could find that covers everything the others do! Most warranties ran around $200—$300 bucks!! But mine was $88 and some change, also from Walmart. Fuckers! I’m not paying thier greedy, outrageous prices.

The warranty doesn’t even kick in until the original manuacturer’s warranty expires! That means that the plasma TV I bought is completely covered for 4 ful years…...a NECESSITY for all plasma TVs.

And yeah… are GOING to need a warranty. No doubt about it! Not to buy one is the same as throwing 8 $100 bills out your car window while barreling down the expressway.

Oh! I didn’t read the link I gave you before looking at it again, but I paid just under $700 for ours, and Walmart DOES still have excellent deals on thier large TVs. YAY!!

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