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Buying an HDTV. What's better - Plasma or LCD?

Asked by erik (63points) March 29th, 2007
...and if there's any brand that's particularly good or particularly bad, that'd be helpful too. thanks!
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Depends on bank account, no. of friends, size of room and left size of brain. I know that your brain is fine; the rest is confusing. Check out the 'zine version of March
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sorry - Consumer Report at library. They have a detailed and confusing article covering this subject. At least you have cable, thereby solving one issue. Good luck. Let us know what you choose. For 32", Samsung has a recommended LCD (LNS 3251 D). Or it did ten minutes ago...that may have changesd
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I have an LCD HDTV, and I love it. It's a Samsung. The most important thing about LCD's is the contrast ratio, in my opinion. (Response is also important if you're doing a lot of gaming).

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