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How can I find out about new construction near my land?

Asked by Solo_Multimedia (5points) January 5th, 2007
Need to find out if new construction is dipping over my property line. Where do I start?
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i think you go to city hall to get the actual dimensions of your property and your neighbor's property
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There are copies of your propery map and contiguous properties on file at the city or town hall, or in our case, at the county court house. You can get copies; on them they have the surveryor's markers located. You should be able to find them (usually pipes in ground..You can also guestimate by location of telephone poles etc)..
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If it looks like there is a serious infraction, you should pay a good surveyor to come out and mark your propery boundaries, at least in area of new construction. There should also be a legal set back so that no new construction should be anywhere near your line. Catch it fast before there is a skyscraper to dismantle.
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Your county or city department of planning & zoning.

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