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Is it environmentally safe to urinate in the shower?

Asked by uniquenewyork (295points) December 26th, 2009

Can you do any damage to the environment that way, kind of like when you flush expired prescription drugs down the toilet?

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It goes into the same pipes. It is gross but it is no different than using the toilet.

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Who flushes expired prescription drugs down the toilet? I would’ve thought the bin was most sensible, I guess not.

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Geez, I hope not. I pee in the shower. My rational is that it saves water. ;-)

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Unsophisticated. Unsanitary.

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It all depends on who is with you in the shower and if that person does, or does not mind you peeing in the shower. If you are by yourself, I’d say have at it!

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Ow golden showers!—Perfectly safe :P

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Not any worse than all the chemicals we use to clean our hair and bodies with.

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@uniquenewyork I really hope no one would put expired prescription drugs down the toilet, because the stuff ends up in our drinking water. You cannot take that out of the water and it does do environmental damage as I have learned. Although peeing in the shower I don’t think would do any harm.

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As @bennett suggested, it is actually environmentally superior since you save water and it will be in the same pipe before it leaves your house, probably within a few feet of pipe.

Also, not gross, assuming your drain isn’t clogged.

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Unused prescription drugs should be disposed of as hazardous waste. They should not go in the garbage can or down the train, but rather to a hazardous waste collection site.

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Urine is sterile. The ecological system you live in is geared to absorb all natural material for recycling. We’ve been drinking recycled urine all our lives. You’re fine.

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It all gets diluted with the water anyway. What’s the harm?

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It all goes to the same place.

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Why are people saying it’s unsanitary?? It gets washed away

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It’s all water, @casheroo.

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It’s fine. It’s better for the environment than using a toilet. Flushing the toilet uses so much water.

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It is perfectly safe, it ends up the same pipe, and it saves a lot of water. I don’t know why someone didn’t think of it long before. And prescription drugs, especially expired ones are supposed to go to your nearest pharmacy, (there might be another place as well) so they can dispose of it properly.

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Yes, it goes into the same pipes. The issue is about “leftovers”. Fresh urine usually isn’t a problem. Except in cases of kidney or urinary tract infection, urine is virtually sterile and nearly odorless. But after a while urine can acquire strong odors due to bacterial action. Depending on how good your aim is some might be left in the shower cubicle or shower curtain.

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Really, I thought urine wasn’t the problem—it’s the other stuff. I know that urine works to neutralize a sting from the very nasty jelly fish called Portuguese Man of War. And there are people on other continents who drink it.

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