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Why do I have to pee right after having a glass of water (NSFW)?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21419points) January 3rd, 2022

What do you think?

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When was the last time you had to pee before drinking the water?

It could be that your bladder had already accumulated urine from the liquids and solids you previously consumed, and the water you drank just before wasn’t really a factor.

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That might be psychological, to some extent. Just like most people need to pee when they hear or even imagine running water… your brain has linked up certain cues. Since you’re aware of this phenomenon (as proven by your question), you’re looking out for any signs of needing the bathroom as you drink. At other times, like when you’re out or busy, you might not be so attentive. So you’d miss the times that you don’t need to pee right away.

Does this happen always, or just sometimes? Because I recently learned that when we drink while our bodies are dehydrated, the water gets absorbed by our mucous membranes and never makes it to the bladder. So that might explain why only the third glass of water actually creates pressure on your bladder.

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@all my best guess is that I have to go when I stand up to get a drink from the fridge.

Standing up from a sitting position.

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Maybe the water in your stomach presses upon your bladder.

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I think questions about your elimination issues are best discussed with your doctor.

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Good kidneys.

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Too late to edit. Actually, you can’t assume your kidney function is good just because you can pee quickly after drinking water, it’s more of a saying.

Most people can urinate shortly after drinking liquid, especially if you did not eat with the drink and if you are not sweating.

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Psychosomatic reaction.

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I agree with @janbb

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@janbb Thanks I will ask my Dr. on January 6th.

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^That date is a national holiday here.

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^^What holiday? Attack the Capitol holiday?

Jan 6th was always Three Kings Day or the Epiphany in my mind.

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This is the biological norm. Not excreting shortly after eating / drinking is a learned behaviour.

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There are many reasons why you may have to pee so regularly virtually most of which are easily treatable.

Two possible causes which spring to mind are an overactive bladder of possibly even diabetes.

However, I am no medic and you will only find out what the problem is once you have seen you doctor, been examined or probably have tests done.

My advice is to see your doctor without delay.

Good luck.

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Here’s a thought. You need to pee before you take a drink. Some reason, you are not paying attention to your body’s signals. Subconsciously, you think wet. Instead of going pee, you take a drink. Then you are noticing the real need after.

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