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As an on-site contractor...can I write off my lunches?

Asked by scruffpuff (187points) December 27th, 2009

I did an 8 month stint with this company and almost every day I went out for lunch. Can I write those off as business expenses even if I wasn’t taking a client out?

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No harm in trying.

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Well if I get audited that would be…harmful i guess

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@scruffpuff Do you use a tax person? They should be able to tell you. In the military we can write off haircuts…. seems like lunches would be ok too.. especially in your circumstance.. but hell.. I’m not a tax person… I can’t stand the system. XD

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I have a tax guy but he’s kinda spacey and it’s sunday so he’s not in. Trying to get all my stuff done this weekend. I should ask a new question: Anyone got a good tax guy in northern california? hehe

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@scruffpuff I’m from northern caly… but .. never used a tax person there… sorry. Redding, Burney, Fall River, McArthur… not widely known for tax expertise probably. XD

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NO, your meals unless closely related to business are NOT deductible! Sorry! No, good tax GUY in NorCal, BUT I do have a good tax GAL in NorCal: ME!

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No, you cannot.

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No. The harm being if you are caught (and contract workers with a larger than average deductions are targets) you will pay back the tax + fines + daily interest on tax and fines. You also have a higher probability of future and past audits. How lucky do you feel?

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I think if you have to travel and get lodging for a job you can write off some, but not all of your out of town meals. You really should consult a CPA though.

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Cool thanks guys. Not gonna try messin with the IRS, was just curious :)

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It’s spelled out very clearly in the tax pages. Most likely, no. Generally, it is treated the same as an employee who eats on the job, no deduction.

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@Judi Not all CPAs are familiar with taxes. I would highly recommend contacting an Enrolled Agent (EA) who is the ONLY federally licensed tax professional!

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It would be hard to take the deduction. Even if you do, only half of your meal expense can be deducted. You can deduct your mileage @ $0.55/mile for the year 2009.
I am not a CPA.

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