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What are the stickers with a month on your license plate called and how do I get new ones?

Asked by timtrueman (5744points) December 27th, 2009

I believe they’re supposed to be mailed to you but I haven’t received any. My month is January, does that mean I have until the end of January? Should I just be patient or should I be worried? I recently moved (back in September) and I updated my address online but maybe that didn’t take…

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They are called auto license registration stickers and you can get them from your state Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV.

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You have until the end of January to purchase a new sticker. If you haven’t received anything in the mail yet, I would contact the DMV.

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It’s your registration. You can reregister online. I may or may not have gotten a recent registration ticket for not putting my sticker on.

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Yeah I’m asking this because I can’t find what I need to use on

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Here in Texas we always get a form for renewing our registration about 6 weeks before the deadline. You can mail it in with a copy of your insurance card, or you can go to the County Courthouse, to the Tax Assessors office, and do it there.

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@andrew I don’t have a Renewal Identification Number (RIN)…

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@timtrueman I would start kvetching to the DMV then. Sure, maybe they pulled all of the paper-pushers out of that department so that they could process unemployment claims but that is no excuse; they should have sent you something.

Of course, A Renewal Identification Number (RIN) is assigned to only those vehicles that are eligible to renew via the Internet and it’s possible that you are not eligible because you just moved to CA.

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You can always go into the DMV in person if there’s a problem. When you make an appointment, the time it takes to get in and out isn’t that bad.
My mom gets them in the mail (I think). They send her a payment form, she sends in the payment, and they send her the stickers. We just got ours a few days ago.

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Here you get them after you pay your car taxes, and renew your tags. If you haven’t paid your property taxes on your car, you don’t get them until you do.

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Get thee to the DMV anon. My month is July and I get my renewal notice in May

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In Kansas we do our registration at the courthouse in the tag department. I know in a lot of states you don’t have to pay property tax but we do. We get the papers in the mail usually the beginning of the month before they are due. We have til the last day of May to get our taxes and registration paid for.

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This is a good question because one year, the state of California realized that if they didn’t send out the renewal letters, thousands of people would not renew, and they could collect millions of dollars in extra revenue. It turns out it is the responsibility of the auto owner, not the state, to make sure you are renewed.

DON’T WAIT FOR YOUR RENEWAL LETTER – send in your renewal on time.

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