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Does anyone think aliens exist?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) February 27th, 2008

is there other life out there?

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Some do. I haven’t seen any.

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The universe is so massive it’s hard to believe there aren’t other forms of life out there somewhere…but if by “aliens” you mean little green men in flying saucers visiting us here on Earth, I’m not so sure.

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most realist do

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They exist. They’re evil. I married one.

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I am sure they exist somewhere in the universe.
I am also sure that we will never encounter
any of them

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of course u may be one and not even know it. It all depends on who u think u are or some bull s&@t like that. Just keep looking outside and I’m sure you’ll see one:)

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I think that it is very possible and that they most likely do but since we most likely will never know, its not very useful to think very much about it.

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Yes most governments acknowledge this also. The odds are in favor of them existing. I definitely belive they exist.

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they exist. they’ve been here. They are probably the beginnings of many earth religons.

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I agree with gooch.

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it is pretty reasonable to assume life exists out there but because of the limitations of space travel it is also reasonable to think we may never have any contact with them. kind of a lonely scenario.

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yup i have seen spaceships when i was 16 i know it sounds crazy but after i was it i called around to rule out northern lights and stuff like that but weather there aliens or if they look like you and me idk i think that there is a little of alien and ppl like us out there we just have to find it

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