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How to format text (like bold, italic) in jabber/gtalk?

Asked by gagara (102points) December 28th, 2009

I am writing a robot in java that sends messages to gtalk. I need to insert a html link in the message. Where can I find some description whatsoever how to format the sent message for that link to show as a link in gtalk?

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Not sure for jabber. But for Google Talk it’s actually the same as for Fluther.

Surround your text with the modifiers to style the string. Asterisks will make it bold, underscores will make it italicized, and dashes will make it strikethrough.

* bold *, _ italics _, – strikethrough -

I put a space before and after each word only because if I didn’t, it’d look like this:

bold, italics, strikethrough

link ; “link” : address (no spaces)

GTalk might convert links automatically… it does when I use it, but I don’t know if a robot script will act the same. I hope that helps.

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well, thanks for help, as it turns out gtalk does not format messages automatically, it is the gtalk client that does, so the robot will have to send formatted message directly to GTalk. Sending from a robot something like hello does exactly nothing.

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Unfortunately I broke a leg and lost a tooth trying to find out how that should be done…

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