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Where's a great place to display your art (online)?

Asked by Jude (32144points) December 29th, 2009

Site recommendations?

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If you are selling it as well as displaying it, I hear is a great place.

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Not deviantArt.

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First off be sure to watermark your work clearly with your name before putting in on line.

I would start your own art blog to begin with. Using wordpress or blogger.
Do not pay for the numerous sites that charge. Very few actually sell.

Etsy is reasonable.

I am distracted and at a loss right now but will come back and comment again

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Thanks, everyone.

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Your very own personal website.

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here is a crazy idea, if the art is actually good. why not email loads of websites and ask them if they would like to display your art on the front page of their website. like fine hotels and restaurants websites. if all you want is for the art to be seen by as many people as possible, this would be a unique and interesting way of doing so.

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you betta send me a link, @jmah

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I want a link too when you start displaying.

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I’ll post a link here, once I get some stuff up. :)

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My avatar is a drawing done by my girlfriend (minus the pasties). She wants to put up some of her work, as well. When we get ‘em up. I’ll post links.

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I second Blogger. It’s simple and easy to update. I use Blogger for my doodles and it’s worked well so far. I save the fine art for shows but that’s because I’m a slow producer of it.

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Back again.

Blogging yourself, watermarking everything, use twitterfeed to auto tweet your posts and link twitter to Facebook. I have sold through this.

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your own website/blog (blogspot, anything similar to that), and i also recommend etsy if you’d like to sell.

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deviantart or tumblr

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@Dog My wife not only puts a visible watermark on the pieces she does that she really cares about but puts a hidden one in the layers, keeping the original psp piece.

Visible watermarks can always be erased. The hidden ones cannot.

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@Arisztid True and true. I often have two watermarks as well. The issue is the American Orphan Works legislation. This will remove our implied copyright and “orphan” any artwork on the internet unless obviously owned and registered in private databases. By not marking it clearly with your name the artist is leaving it open for use by anyone for monetary profit.

In 2008 I had to send out six cease and desist letters to companies who had stolen my artwork and were selling it on products and posters. Since putting a watermark directly across the art I have not had a known incident of infringement and theft.

It is not that they cannot remove the watermark but I think that it adds a dimension of work and makes it feel more like theft. As an example if I find a skateboard and scratch off the previous owners name so I can keep it. I would never really forget that name was there.

Also with orphan works comes a cap on limits one can seek for damages when the art is stolen and used. This cap would likely not even cover legal fees.

While Orhpan works has not yet passed the best thing any artist can do is both boldly watermark any online image and make sure it is small and of just good enough quality to show the work and also register with the Library of Congress Copyright Office.

Getting back to the topic again is not a bad place to start either and it is free with a small percentage when a sale is made.

Also- if art is for sale you must be very careful with shipping. My first sales were 16” x 20” paintings. I grossly underestimated shipping and actually lost money on the sale of both.

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@Dog +5 for a helpful and skateboard-related answer.

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You’re awesome. Thanks, @Dog.

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Why not just make a photobucket to store them, pieces you want can be put on Deviantart.

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Be prepared for any art you post on the internet to be stolen and re-distributed without your knowledge. Post only small thumbnails in low resolution. I have “lost” some of my best works this way, and I’m very reluctant to post any more. Try to post on a site that’s password-protected, and give the password only to people you know and trust. works well for this.

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@downtide tss don’t be selfish. Bill Gates got filthy rich by having his work stolen.

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