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Where can I find pictures of whole body where they show front back and sideviews of one person?

Asked by f4a (601points) September 27th, 2010

I need websites that offer pictures.

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Look up websites that are under “surface anatomy”. Such textbooks have what you are looking for, so I am sure the websites would be the same.

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I need a site like this. Specifically, for Natalie Portman.
The book Gray’s Anatomy is what you’re looking for. Also, Woman’s Body and Man’s Body are good for this, but also in book form. Don’t be afraid to resort to books.

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There are a number of videos of virtual people on turntables such as these:
There are some actual models photographed on turntables, used for drawing and sculpture exercises, I did a quick search and didn’t find the one I was looking for, but take your time and you’ll find them.

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Look for CG texturing sites and human model reference sites.

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Wait- what is the purpose and context for viewing these photos?

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Photographer Marcus Ranum has photographed several models on a rotating turntable in order to get views from all sides. He puts these together as animated .GIF files.
click “articles” on the left side, then click
“Generating a “flyaround” composite animation – Animated .GIFs offer creative potential nobody expected, when combined with a nude model and a lazy susan!”

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its for art purposes

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