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How can I travel the world and bring my dog along?

Asked by joy20 (106points) December 29th, 2009

She’s a little beagle and I couldn’t leave her behind. I’m a very hard worker and I’m open to hearing your job ideas! A job would be necessary for traveling, because I don’t have much money.Thank you for your responses!

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Many countries require an extended quarantine period for animals, so I would be hard pressed to put a pet through that.

What skills do you have that would make you an asset for an overseas position?

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I love my border collie, but i would not take him on a venture as you have described. the food may not be the same for him, vets are not readily available in other countries like the United States, air sickness, and required vaccinations for other countries are just a few of the reason i would leave my dog with a trusted friend. better yet, give your dog to your friend. you are not making this move for your sake, you are making it for your dogs safety and concern. this is just one of the many problems that pet owners face when traveling or moving to another country.

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Become a long-distance trucker. I know of some truckers who take their dogs along. You couldn’t travel the entire world, but one continent would be plenty. Just be sure to get a dog that requires little walking.

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When I moved to Australia I brought my dog with me. It cost me a fortune, I could have flown first class twice for what it cost. And he had to stay in quarantine for 30 days which was the absolute minimum amount of time based upon the timing of shots and blood titers.
So unless you are like Paris Hilton or Serena Williams, I don’t think it is economically practical nor much fun for the dog.

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I wasn’t aware of the quarantine laws. Thank you. What if I just wanted to travel within the States?

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I think you can travel anywhere in the continental USA with no problems. I would microchip the dog just in case and when I travel I always carry proof of vaccinations and current registration.

In Australia it is extremely difficult (actually against the law in some states) to find lodging that allows dogs. That is why we camp when we go away with the dogs. And if you are alone it is difficult when you want to go into a grocery store or a restaurant.

Traveling with dogs can be done, just make sure you think about all the problems before you take off.

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If you are just moving to another country and staying there for a long amount of time, then depending on where you go, it shouldn’t be too difficult to take your dog. I know plenty of people who have moved abroad and taken their animals. However, when you say “travel the world” I get the impression that you don’t intend on staying in one place for a long amount of time. In that case it would probably be more difficult and, more importantly, unfair on your little Beagle.

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You would have to select the countries you visit very carefully. Your dog would need a full set of vaccinations including rabies, and in most cases would have to undergo quarantine on entering the country. This period of quarantine could be weeks or months, and you would not normally be allowed contact with her during this time.

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I just got back from 2 weeks in Taiwan..I miss the grouchy little beagle that monitored the sidewalk in front of his owners little dumpling resteraunt. lololol

Yes, very expensive and quarantine mandates…otherwise I would have shipped home a Taiwanese street cat.

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