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Why is it all about Facebook these days? What happened to MySpace?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) December 29th, 2009

I know MySpace still exists, but I never seem to hear about it any more. People seem to be only talking about Facebook. What happened, prestige or marketing-wise to MySpace? Is Facebook just doing a better job? Is the website and interface better? If so, how? Or am I wrong in my perception here. But I sure feel like I only hear about FB and never MySpace any more.

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myspace became a breeding ground for sharks so all the little fishys went to facebook. and facebook has a more user friendly interface and layout.

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Facebook started out with a more refined concept than MySpace in the first place. Then Facebook got scared of Twitter and continued to evolve (not to the pleasure of all of its users, naturally, but it’s trying). MySpace has basically sat on its ass all this time.

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I know I simply prefer facebook. It’s more sophisticated and mature, and you don’t have to deal with crazy colors and backgrounds. I use facebook to communicate with adults (not pre-teens, to generalize my experience with myspace) so I prefer the site that an older crowd uses. I was not on myspace long, but I can’t think of anything myspace has that facebook doesn’t.
Also, a creepy middle-aged man who met me once found me on myspace knowing just my first name and general geographic region, then offered me money to model for him. No thanks. That’s when I canceled my account.

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i still have both, but fb IS more mature and friendly, and u dont gotta see all that gang banging and hate

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I do NOT like facebook and actually cancelled my account there .

I prefer MySpace of the big three…. I do have a twitter ; BUT just check in now and then…. not too often .

I’ve got a good MySpace Homepage and I think I’m sticking with it although I do frustrated at some of the problems sometimes…

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Myspace is full of teeny bopper sluts. Facebook is simple to use and seems to have more mature users.

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I have both, but I think the facebook apps are easier to deal with instead of having all the apps on the side of the page like myspace does. I do still prefer myspace only because I can still have a personalized area to call my own, I like to deck my profile out so that I don’t look like everyone else :)

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I like all the privacy features of facebook so I can filter exactly who gets to see my nekid pictures~

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myspace is the new bootycall. everyone knows this.

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I don’t like all the noise and clutter folks put on their MySpace pages. Besides, most of my family are all on Facebook.

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myspace seems to be used a lot still for bands and musicians, but otherwise mostly for, as mentioned above, kids. facebook is more spreadout agewise, and many, many things (including fluther) now use facebook connect.

i never see “myspace connect.”

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MySpace is actually working for a lot of musicians I know. Regular internet friending and whatnot? Not so much. It seemed overrun by kids, which is why I left it 4 years ago.

Also, there was some study done a year or so ago about how MySpace was seen as ”lower-class”, so people migrated over to “higher-class” Facebook.

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i actually found ALOT of my long-lost relatives in fb

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i wonder the same thing.
i personally prefer myspace simply because, you know what, sometimes i do want a background or a song to play when someone comes on my page. i liked bulletins. i liked being able to choose whether i wanted to read something someone said or not. i liked not having a million updates because someone commented on someone’s status that i glanced at.
i use facebook now because that’s where everyone i talk to is, and there’s no point of a social networking site without people to interact with. but i don’t really go on that much. i think it’s kind of annoying with all of those goddamn games and quizzes and tags and notifications.

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myspace has alot of VIRUSES i try to limit my visits

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MySpace is owned by the same guy that owns Fox News. That was all I needed to know. I have it set up so if I click on a link to MySpace it takes me to

I don’t use Facebook either.

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I think they are both jokes, and complete wastes of time.

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MySpace, to put it bluntly, became “ghetto”. It just looks trashy, kind of like the seedy side of town with all the colorful graffiti. As others pointed out, it’s loaded with spammers, people looking for sex, and people who can’t spell to save their lives, and I mean this even more so than any other place on the internet that I’m aware of. Meanwhile, Facebook started to offer all these little addictive, time wasting games, and most people like to play free games. So, it drew more people in, and in short, unlike MySpace which appeals to a very “young” crowd who seem to be interested in expressing themselves with pointless flair, Facebook appeals to people of ALL ages and maturity levels who are looking to express themselves more through their words and pictures. When you think about what MySpace does, in short, it provides an avenue for social networking, sort of reaching out to the world at large, a way to express one’s self. Facebook took that aspect of it, and basically incorporated and by allowing people to play tons of free games and giving people a quick and simple and free way to get back in touch with their former high school classmates. It also became a place to create one’s own mini blog, to host one’s pictures, and to keep up with your friends in real time. MySpace could do some of that, but that’s just not the focus, it’s more of a “look at me” site.

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mysapce is too commercial…facebook has picked up the slack

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Myspace does bad things to my computer…..

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I’ve never been on MySpace & never will, so I don’t know first hand how it is. But I’ve never heard anything good about it. Stalking, viruses, bad security, trashy people.

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“Fuck Facebook, IN THE FACE!”

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Now there’s a mild opinion! ;-)

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I dont really like Myspace, but i do like Funny People.

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One thing i dislike on FB is where everyone plays these stupid games and posts the results. I hate getting notifications “so and so got upped in Mafia Wars” or “so and so just bought a cow in Farmville.” i don’t care and i can’t stand that stuff taking up space.

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@jca You can block game updates (without blocking the people who post them).

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And you can refuse to contribute to the problem by never publishing the things you do in any of the games you play.

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@Darwin if that was aimed at me, I don’t indulge in any of that, except Scrabble which AFAIK doesn’t do this. Just thought that might help @jca out.

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@hiphiphopflipflapflop – It wasn’t aimed at you because it didn’t start with @hiphiphopflipflapflop. It is, however, a valid way to reduce the problem on Facebook with getting so many updates.

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Facebook is more of a family place.

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