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Toilet paper: is your roll shrinking?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) December 30th, 2009

I just happened to find a roll of toilet paper thats at least a year old. i noticed that this roll seemed to be bigger than the toilet paper i purchased last week. i did a comparison and sure enough, the new toilet paper is one-half an inch narrower than the old. this may not seem like a big deal, but what other products are shrinking and they are not telling us about it? the price goes up and the product is slowing disappearing.

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What do you use?

It seems to me that the Scott tissue I use is getting bigger.

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Did you take into account the size of the cardboard roll inside? Not trying to dispute you or anything, I actually haven’t noticed but they are downsizing everything these days. Just curious :)

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ARRRGGGHH! I thought I left “toilet paper” questions behind at Garbagebag.

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Ah ha! More proof that you just can’t trust bears.

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Haha, i truly love some of the answers, especially about the bears. its true. we are paying more and receiving less in the toilet paper department. one half inch may not seem like a lot, but your hand knows the difference.

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Never miind the toilet paper, they are making Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups smaller! Panic in the streets! They thought I wouldn’t notice, but they were WRONG!!! I notice and I HATE it! So it surprises me not at all to learn that they are also downsizing the toilet paper, which makes sense in a twisted sort of way. The logic is probably: “Hmmm, they are eating smaller candy bars and burgers, so their finished waste products will be smaller, therefor, we can make the corresponding product, ie. toilet paper, proportionately smaller as well. Smaller turds, smaller paper.” Buunch of corporate idiots. May rot in the filth of their own twisted products after they’ve been used by several of us.
Have a nice day! :-)

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My graham crackers are smaller too.

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A box of cereal still costs the same, but it keeps getting narrower, thinner and smaller and smaller…

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@Trillian – How did you gauge the size difference of you Reeseā€™s Peanut Butter Cups?

Do you have a collection?

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For comparison, i used the older roll of White Cloud to a new roll of Angel Soft. i even went to the store and read the labels on the packages. all toilet paper is now one half inch narrower. they thought they could fool ol’ john, everything appears to be shrinking, except my waist(waste).

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It’s happening to a lot of products unfortunately. But the worst of all has to be washing powder.
These days you get half the amount for twice the price and they use the excuse that it’s 2x concentrated (Sounds a little bit bullshit to me). How far are they gonna go?

A tablespoon of washing powder with 100x concentrated? So you only use a few granules per wash? Maybe I’m overreacting, but it really annoys me.

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“i used the older roll of White Cloud to a new roll of Angel Soft. i even went to the store and read the labels on the packages.”

Enough said. LOL!!!

You are the Dick Tracy of Doodoo.

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Someone is sneaking into my closets in the middle of the night and even making my clothes smaller!

We need to start an investigation.

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In consumer circles it’s called (in all seriousness) The Shrink Ray. It’s affected packages of just about everything. From frozen veggies to cereal and beyond.

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Yes,but my boobs are getting bigger!LOL!

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@lucillelucillelucille, that’s a nice thought. It’s a lovely thought, in fact. But how do you know that your bras and blouses aren’t just getting smaller, like my own clothes? (I do like your idea better, though.)

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I have friends that are more than truthful about things such as weight gain….these friends blow!LOL!

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I hear it is getting harder to get a gerbil into a Toilet Paper tube theses days.

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They are making everything smaller and often raising the price too. Costco has the best paper towel and toilet paper too. Even there products are shrinking .

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@ChazMaz, I couldn’t possibly keep a collection of Reese’s PBC’s. I’d eat them. Do you accept the possibility that I can just tell from looking at them? You seem a little hostile, especially in light of the fact that I was just kind of having a bit of fun with this question. Maybe I’m misreading you. If so, I apologize. Who said “The unexamined life is not worth living”? Was it Socrates?

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I accept your apology. :-)
I was being as silly as you were. :-)

Side note: I never get hostile on here. Just passionate. :-)

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I just received the latest toilet paper complaint from a group of cheerleaders. they are telling me that it costs more to roll a house, becuase the rolls of toilet paper are smaller. this sagging economy is hurting us all.

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While I’ve not noticed the loss in width of each sheet, I have noticed that the number of sheets per roll is diminishing whilst the price stays the same or takes a hike. I cant be the only one who reads each package to see which one has 220 sheets or has descreased to 200 or 180 per roll LoL. It astounds me that the manufacturers consider us to be thick and that we wouldnt notice. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil unless we start using palm leaves!

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Really I have no idea. I mean, toilet paper, I stick it up my ass and then I throw it in the bowl. Never thought of making a comparison to a one year old roll, which I also don’t have.

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Since the width of the rolls are shrinking the roll shifts on anything other than the holder that has a roller through the paper tube. Sometimes it will get stuck and all kinds of bad things begin to happen. We buy paper by the case and use a different kind of holder. I guess I will either have to change all of the dispensers or find some kind of adapter to take up the half inch the companies decided to keep

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