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Does P.F.Changs serve meal family-style?

Asked by cinddmel (448points) December 30th, 2009

We are planning a birthday celebration and are considering going to P.F.Changs, I was wondering if they serve it family-style or individual entrees only? Family style would be better for our budget, since we have a big party. Also what dishes would you recommend that are not very spicy.

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Yes they do, they are good. I love their lettuce wraps.

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I know that you can order an individual dish that has a lot of food, and it comes on a tray thing that you serve up for yourself. So, you could technically order a bunch of those and just share the food all around. I love their orange chicken, and you could also try their cashew chicken, or if you have a younger crowd, just the sweet and sour chicken. I obviously love chicken. But their crab wontons are bomb.

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They offer both family style and individual. I second the lettuce wraps. I love PF Changs! The only reason I am not recommending any other menu item is because I love spicy food and everything else I order there is along those lines.

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Thanks for the responses. We had a great birthday celebration, we had reservations but still had to wait for almost 30 min, which was fine, so we got the lettuce wrap appetizer for free. We ended up ordering a few dishes: sesame chicken (little bit of spice for my hubby – he loved it), crispy honey shrimp, and sweet and sour pork.
And to end the night we got a free dessert for the birthday girl.

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