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How do you feel about PF Chang's?

Asked by afghanhound (150points) January 28th, 2013

Do you love it? Hate it?

What is it that you love or hate about it?

What would make you want to go there more often?

What other restaurants remind you of PF Chang’s?

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I like it. Go there a lot. There’s one near my office. Food and service are consistently good. I especially like their wonton and hot-sour soups.

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I don’t like to eat out much. What ever the satisfaction reflex is in your head, mine doesn’t work. Restaurants tend to give you way to much food and I tend to eat it all.
I do much better with home cooked calorie controlled portions.
That being said, I love the lettuce wraps but even they contain more than half the calories I should consume in a day.

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I can’t remember the last time I’ve gone to one, but it was almost certainly against my will, or possibly as a last resort when I was looking for vegetarian options in a mall food court or something like that. I do my best to stay away from chain restaurants. When I go to a restaurant, I’d like to be served something that I can’t make at home better myself.

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I like the decor. I’ve been to several and the quality control is good. The menu is not strictly Chinese, it’s more Americanaized, but I enjoy it. I’d recommend it highly.

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I like it. One of the better chain places. I think the place is pretty and there are several dishes I really like there. If I am in the mood for Chinese food and I am not familiar with local places it is great. We go there when we travel as one of our sure things.

I recommend:

Moo Shu Pork
Chilean Seabass
Honey chicken
Rib appetizer with the sauce (there are two types of ribs)
Wonton soup for two
Chow Fun beef
The salad that has chicken that automatically comes on it, it is enough for dinner or to split with someone as an appetizer

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I’ve enjoyed their food on the three or four occasions that I’ve had it, although I thought it was a bit on the heavy side and seemed overpriced.

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I’ve never understood why they are so popular – I find the food greasy and heavy and overpriced (and it’s really loud – very hard to hold a conversation).

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P.F. Chang’s is an excellent restaurant. It sort of reminds me of the “Chart House”. Also in my opinion the best marathon in the world is “P.F. Chang’s Rock N Roll Marathon”.

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On another website, I was reading a huge thread about dirt on various restaurants. Everyone was spilling dirt, but no one had anything bad to say about Changs.

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There aren’t any in western Illinois, so I’ve never been to one. I really don’t like chain restaurants. Famous Dave’s and the breakfast at Cracker Barrel are about the only two I can tolerate. Don’t even get me started on Crapplebees. I think my nickname for the restaurant says it all.

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@bookish Why am I not surprised to learn that you, my friend, are a vegetarian? I should have already guessed this about you. I’ve been loving veganism for about 25 years, and I never look back.

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Went there for the first time last week, with a large group. Before I even got there, the people I was riding with said that it’s a poor choice, and they were unhappy that it was chosen for our group meeting. It was described as “overpriced takeout that’s not as good.”

Food was way overpriced, and it, in fact, was not good.
The person next to me had burned food – although I must say they fixed it very quickly.

Would not go back, even though the service was good. $15 for sweet and sour chicken is too much for me.

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Don’t know why I received this one, I never heard of it. But I assume it is asian. When we eat asian which is frequently, we have one favorite vietnamese. It is loud, crowded, inexpensive, has fantastic food and is always full of vietnamese people. It is wonderful! I am more a fan of great food, served quickly than fine dining.

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I am the social chairperson for a car club I belong to and PF Chang’s gets our biggest turn out. We do a dinner at a restaurant every month except December. I get requests for it from people who don’t realize I do it every year now automatically.

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I’ve never heard of it. I’ve never been to a decent national chain. They are big and loud and the food is not for people who really care about food.

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I refuse to support such an offensive establishment and its ilk. I am proud to say that I have never tried its “food”. Support real Asian restaurants that won’t con you or your tastebuds.

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@Michael_Huntington Most Asian restaurants are Americanized for American tastes. Although, I do like to support local restaurants.

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Yum! Especially the vegetarian lettuce wraps : P

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Since it’s a chain, my experience with the quality control may not be true over a wider area. If the one near you is NOT good, don’t go there.

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I’ve never eaten at one but I’ve always wanted to go.

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The quality is about as good as your typical takeout chinese place with triple the price, and everything there has tremendous amounts of sodium.

Their Pork Double-Fried Pan Noodles also has the dubious honor of being the saltiest restaurant dish in the US according to men’s health.

I’d have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t paying $12 for a beef and broccoli bowl.

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