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Is your iPhone jailbroken?

Asked by Phil (155points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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No, Jailbreaking something that I spent a large some of money on is not something I have in mind anytime soon. It took breaking a cog on my PS2 before I even dared removing the void warrenty sticker. I’m an curious/adventurous kid, I take apart things all the time and love to program. but I wouldn’t do it to your phone. cause IPhones are awesome as is.

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If You are living in a County,where You can’t buy iPhone legaly-You must buy jailbroken phone.

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I had mine jailbroken and I put every fricking application ever made on their. Then I bricked it. I had to buy another iphone. Thankfully a few weeks ago I tried the only thing I hadn’t tried to fix the old phone and it worked. So I sold it on Ebay and got $395. Not bad since I paid $400 [plus tax.

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@dine: you’re confusing “unlocking” with “jailbreaking. They are two different processes.

My iPhone is jailbroken. Just saw on my rss feed that 1.1.4 was jailbroken, so I’ll be restoring to factory and updating soon…. Only to jb it again :)

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@theredjawa: I’m guessing that’s a no.

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i keep switching back and forth. I like 3rd party apps, and I like stability.

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Chyeah, mines jailbroken (and on T-mobile).

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