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Iphone bluetooth app

Asked by sam (83points) March 11th, 2008 from iPhone

does anyone know of any apps that allow bluetooth sending and reciving pictures, mp3’s, ect. on the ipgone

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No it is not allowed

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the Bluetooth in the iPhone cannot handle file transfer

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The iPhone can handle bluetooth just fine (it works with almost all bluetooth headsets and some GPS units). The issue is Apple not making other bluetooth profiles active on the iPhone yet.

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no need to use bluetooth to send/receive pictures when you can do it through a MMS program.

Hey guys,
Follow my instructions and thank me later…here you go:

First you need the Application Swirly MMS- add this from
Swirly’s source – and add version 0.3.2.
Install the package named “SwirlyMMS from Swirlyspace”, ver 0.3.1. Follow the installation instructions (which means you must restart your phone when installation has finsihed)

Then go to Settings and fill out this info:
you can find settings for other carriers on other blogs.

T-Mobile (USA)
User: empty
Pass: empty

A screen will display that you need to install Mobile finder/Mobile Viewer to be able to see pictures. Go ahead and go to installer, all packages, scroll all the way down to Mobile Finder, install it, then go back and install Mobile Viewer.
Now you are done! Have someone send you an mms. It should show under Swirly MMS. Open it then click fetch. It will download then display this message:

“all fetched mms-files are stored in/var/mobile/media/mmsfiles”

Click the menu button. Now you are on your home screen. Scroll to see the icon “Preview” and click it. Click “Open” . you will then have 5 folders displayed:

1. …
2. Bin
3. Lib
4. Library
5. Media

Double click on the folder “…” then click on folder “mobile” then folder “media” then folder “MMSfiles” then BINGO! All your received pictures are there!!! Good Luck… Big Thanks to Adel Hallak.

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YES!!!! its called ibluetooth and its available on cydia. I have some problems with getting a demo licesense at first but it does work. I sent a pic file and an audio one and you can send anything that is in the phone!

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Try ibluetooth app if you have jailbroke you iphone

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You can send contacts, messages and files, including music files with “Bleam” which is on the app store.

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