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Will the iPhone SDK be able to run apps that are currently being used on jailbroken iPhones?

Asked by xacrox (243points) February 27th, 2008

will the sdk be comparable to a jailbroken phone?

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Im not sure about that but I’m sure the programmers will be making programs to do the same things and better.

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well there are some really amazing musical instrument apps out there that currently only work on jailbroken phones. and they are free. so I might d/l them and put them on hold until SDK comes out. so I can use them.

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No, they won’t work… But new apps will come out. I am praying for a stable ebook app and iChat clone :D

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No, but it should be trivial for the developers to get them working. And they will most likely end up with much better apps.

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Before we know it, the third party community will have figured out the hack for iPhone 2.0…

Oh wait, they already did!

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