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Anyone live in (or know someone who lives in) Jerusalem?

Asked by omfgTALIjustIMDu (8817points) January 7th, 2007
I'm taking a semester abroad in Jerusalem, Israel, and am looking for friendly people who live either in or around Jerusalem to stay with for a weekend.
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yes, i do - not sure how they feel about strangers in the home, but could certainly put you in touch for more resources. email me:
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You should post on Craigslist Jerusalem.
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You could post under "housing wanted", or under "strictly platonic" (if that's what you want) and, at the end of your platonic hang out session, invite yourself over to their house
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also, the website "homeless." i think it's
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I live in Jerusalem, however, you understand of course I do not know you at all, and though I consider myself a friendly person, I don't know how I would feel about having a stranger at my place. That said, if you have other questions on Israel or Jerusalem, you are more than welcome to ask.
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Haha don't worry about it. I lived here when I was younger so I know quite a few people and we have relatives around the country who have called and asked me to stay with them so I have plenty of places. I appreciate it though :)
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