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Should I move on?

Asked by Oz_1 (30points) February 28th, 2008

As some of you may remember, I asked a question a while back about a guy I met at a friends party and didn’t get a number off.
I am very grateful to all of those who provided me with advice…but for some reason or another I didn’t follow up :(
I recently went out again and other friends who where at the party said they were sure this guy liked me too…so that propmpted me to take the advice on board.
I didn’t get his number, but instead emailed him. He wrote back saying he remembered me although was pretty drunk.

He went on to talk about some other stuff (business related) and didn’t provide any personal contact number, just his business contact.

Am I right to assume that he is not interested. He was kind enough to respond to me, but I feel he is hinting “I ain’t interested” by adding the lines about him being drunk.

What do you suggest I do…tag along….or just be happy for a response and move on?

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hmmm the details make this more difficult to answer. But, simply put, its my opinion that if you ask yourself “should I move on?”... Then you should!

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if u really like him I would pin him down for a date and if he says no them you should move on.

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I don’t think that this is going to work out. I’m a guy and when I am interested I give my e-mail, home phone, work info, and mothers maiden name. Maybe I am just desperate.

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Thanks xacrox and theredjawa – I didn’t want to initally move on. I really like this guy and thought it through for a long time. It’s a miracle I even got in touch with him as I’ve never done this before – but he just blew my mind away. BUT…I use my head more than my heart and the response was enough to make me ask….should I just move on even though I like him **sigh**

johnpowell – I think your right.

I’ll move on I guess. Ah well .. such is life.

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Remember.. You can move on and still pursue this fellow. The two are not mutually exclusive.

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you can ask him straight out how he feels. If it ends a friendship then he wasnt a good friend anyways. I still have friends who’ve had feelings for me and vice versa even mutual feelings towards each other but for one reason or another it wouldnt work out. But, I’m still friends with all of them. If he is truely a good (the right) guy, he won’t be bothered by you asking. That’s just another option for you.

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@johnpowell: right on.
You can still be interested in this chump and see where it goes. Certainly. Just don’t sit around waiting on him.

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If you made it perfectly clear that you were interested, and he didn’t invite you out, I’d say move on. And, by perfectly clear, I mean, “I’m interested in dating you.” No hinting, no hoping you got your intentions across. Clear.

If you’ve done this and he hasn’t made the next move, then it’s time for you to do so. And the next move is on.

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I think you answered your own question….

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Move on he would be contacting you regularly if he was interested

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Thanks for your replies everyone.
Poser – your right…I wasn’t too clear and it’s crazy of me to rush or expect things. Will take everyone’s advice on board (”,)

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Well considering that the only two questions you’ve asked both involve this guy, I think he made quite an impression on you intoxicated or not.

He may be shy just as you are, considering it took him a while to warm up to you.

Due to his intoxication level he may not remember all the details of your previous encounter. He may be interested in you but, not want to come across as desperate.

I suggest sending another email, thanking him for his response, and mentioning that you really enjoyed the interaction the two of you had at the party. Then tell him you would like to keep the conversation going maybe over coffee or something.

It is quite possible the two of you will meet up at another party and can go from there. Try not to get obsessed though otherwise you’ll come across as desperate.

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I suggest “move on” (clear out imaginary feelings and expectations) and then ask him if he’d like to chat over coffee.

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I second Zaku’s (clear out imaginary feelings and expectations) advice, this could be the most important, gets in the way every time.

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Ironhiway….thanks for an excellent reply (”,). Zaku…thank you very much as well (”,)
I have “moved on” in terms of not expecting anything from him…and it has made things so much easier. (why didn’t I think of this before!)

I emailed him back with the details I promised to give him….didn’t go down the “lets have coffee” way….am too chicken…hehe. So am just waiting for a reply.

Thanks once again (”,)

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Move on for sure.

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