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Ok,I have a problem..I think I might be in love with my best friend,what should I do?

Asked by irocktheworld (2119points) January 4th, 2010

I like my best friend,alot! I think I might even love him.I talk to him everyday online and when I’m not talking to him,I get sad.He makes me happy when I’m upset and even when my friends try to cheer me up,my best friend does it better.My friend introduced us and we instantly became friends.We can talk about everything and we share secrets also.He even tells me things his friends,even best friends don’t know.I think he likes me back and all my friends say so.I haven’t really felt this way about any guy before and I’ve liked alot of guys in the past.I really don’t wanna loose him but he’s a little shy about things so i don’t know..What should I do?

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Does he arouse you sexually?

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Talk to him about it :)

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why’s it a problem? it sounds like he’s just as interested…soo….go for it :)

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well u should talk and become bffs then a little later u should be more then friends

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Lol no..
@Staalesen Wouldn’t be a little awkward though? What can I say? :)
@deni Okay!! :D Thanks!
@pokopenguin We already are best friends..

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@irocktheworld then tell him he is a wonderful person and you really love the connection you two share and you’re glad to have such a great friend. that’s all.

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@irocktheworld well to bad then wait ill u are closer than that

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir He tells me that all the time :)

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@irocktheworld good deal. I can tell you I am absolutely in love with my best friend. He is a soul mate of mine. We belong together the way my husband and I belong together. I never slept with him as he prefers penises over vaginas but I wouldn’t mind.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Haha okay :P Then you kinda know what I’m dealing with then! So you love your best friend and your husband?

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The same thing happened to me, only some 23 years ago. We’d both seen romances affect friendships, both negatively and positively, so we talked about it and decided to explore the romantic feelings, but swore to remain best of friends no matter what. We just had our 23rd Christmas together!. The fact that we decided to remain friends no matter what has helped me by making me ask myself, “is that really how you treat your best friend?”

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I married mine. Honestly. We’ve been together for over 27 years now and married for 25 of them, so it can work. I love that we can fool around…not like that lol, but actually…. yeah that too <blushes> but we can be silly, go to the movies together and he can poke fun at the fact that i managed to sit through The Day The Earth Stood Still without yawning once and now argues that its proved his point that I would watch Keanu Reeves read the phone book and be just as entranced as when i watched the Matrix lol lol (don’t go telling him but he’s right lol). What I mean is that you get all the fun stuff, all of the romance and other coupley stuff but with the huge added bonus that you’re always going to have your best friend right there in the same wonderful package. I wish you as much happiness as hubby has given me honey, love and hugs xx

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Just ask him out!! Life is too short to not grab the brass ring! You sound like you too would be great for each other!! Send him a link to this page!!

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As long as you’re female and he’s male, perhaps you should make your move – whatever that may be: if he seems too shy, ask if you ‘can go together’; or actually invite him on a formal date somewhere.
If you’re not sure how to introduce this idea, you could open by saying, ”[Name], I like you and I think you like me. Can we go together?”

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I would tell him how you feel. especially seeing as he is shy he might be wanting to say the same thing. He is your best friend, you should be able to have a discussion about how you feel about each other and taking it further than a friendship.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir that is awesome

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I agree with some of the responses about asking him how he feels about taking things to the next level in the relationship. It is an important decision that should be made by both parties because you don’t want anything to ruin the strong friendship that you already have built. That is the worst thing is to break up and loose a friend in the process. :( believe me, no fun at all.

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Again… don’t make things BIG
Just keep it simple, and simply ask, “Can we go together?”
Works everytime.

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ask him if he feels more than a friendship between you two, if he says yes, things should just fall right into place. :)

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@Yetanotheruser That must be nice…:)
@Simone_De_Beauvoir Haha cool! :D
@bunnygrl Aww..thats soo awesome! I’m so happy for you guys! :D It’s awesome how you can fall for your best friend and everything can all work out.:)
@Cruiser Thanks! :D I’ll try my best and your right,life is too short!
@dutchbrossis I think it’ll all work out..:) Thank you!
@Tenpinmaster Yeah,that’s a good idea.I really do like him and I hope he likes me back.:) I get butterflies in my stomache when I see him and I wonder if it’s normal liking your best friend :P I’ll try that!
@Rayvin14 Your right..I’ll try that out!;D

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@irocktheworld I still get butterflies when i see my hubby :-) wishing you so many good things sweetheart, love and hugs xx

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@bunnygrl Aww how sweet.:D Thanks! :))

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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs for @irocktheworld}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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Awww! Thanks!! :D [[[[hugs for @bunnygrl !!!!!]]]]

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