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When companies test cars on those cylinders that run the car without it moving? What are they called? Is there a term for it?

Asked by scrumpulate (19points) January 5th, 2010

You know, metal cylinders that cars tires rest over so that they do not move forwards, but stay still under power.

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Dyno ? (probably short for dynamometer) – if i understand your question correctly

Im guessing you mean like in the pic at

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A rolling road.

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Thank you Mclaren7703, that was what I was looking for, and the dynamo-meter is not what I was looking for, I need a name.

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Its called the detail section….use it.

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sorry uber retard man, its my first fluther, and I am sure you were a virgin at one point too. can you not understand what I am looking for from my description? its a weird question, believe me I know, and just because you do not know the answer; does not mean you need to be a douche bag, and talk down.

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Yeah, it’s called a dyno. Useful for checking a car’s power rating, checking engine, tuning, etc. etc.

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@scrumpulate what you are looking for is is a dynamometer as @Mclaren7703 says. A dynamometer is a device (any device) used for measuring torque. Just because you put dynamometer into Google images and didn’t get a picture of what you expected doesn’t mean that dynamometer is wrong, it just means you don’t know how to use Google.

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@scrumpulate i know exactly what your talking about. Your question was 8 thousands characters long. I just meant all that shit should be in the detail section instead of in the question.

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