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How to get rid of head lice?

Asked by BarbieGirl (1points) February 28th, 2008
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Shave. Everything.

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it’s my 14yr old grl wth long hair

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you have to buy special shampoo

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Get the shampoo and a flea comb!!Get the furniture spray that kills whatever falls in to the couch and carpet and anything else they could be on!! Hurry!

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and if she picked it up at school then report it to the school.

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go to rite aid and buy some head lice shampoo. Follow the detections, that should take care of the problem. Be sure to wash all bedding in hot water with. Get rid of your hair brushes and thing that you use on your hair. Good luck

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rid x will do the trick

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Use the shampoo and flea comb like people above me said, but this is the treatment that REALLY works: douse your hair in mayonaise (yes, mayo). Scrub really hard and leave it in for about an hour. Do this once a day for about 3 days.
Works every time.

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have tried mayo for 8hours left it on didnt work and olive oil

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Go to the drugstore and buy one of the chemical lice shampoos – I think they are called RID or NIX (or at least those were two of the brands we used when I was in elementary school). You’ll need to have your daughter shampoo with that, then get out of the shower and leave it in for 15 minutes with a tight shower cap on over it (to help asphyxiate the lice). Once the lice are killed, you’ll need to comb them out with the lice comb that usually comes in the shampoo packet. This is the most tedious part—but it is actually very important to do this and get rid of all the eggs. Otherwise you won’t be able to tell in 2 weeks if she is having another outbreak, or if it’s the dead eggs from before. The eggs are tiny- they look like little miniature oval-shaped grains of sand, attached to the hair shaft about an inch from the scalp. They are not like dandruff—you can tell the difference because if you flick the egg with your finger it will stay stuck. You’ll need to sit in front of the TV for a few hours and actually go through each section of hair and get rid of the eggs. Sometimes it’s easier to use a tiny scissors and snip off the individual hairs with eggs, rather than using the comb to slide the egg off of the hair shaft. One thing that seems to make this easier is to put vinegar in your hair—for some reason this loosens the eggs and helps to get them out (do this AFTER having used the chemical rinse). Your hair will smell bad for a day or so but it’s better than having to cut it all off.
Now, don’t forget—you have to wash in HOT water every item of clothing, and all the sheets & towels. multiple loads of laundry. And the sad part is that if she sleeps with any teddy bears you should seal them up in airtight garbage bags for two weeks in order to make sure that any lice or eggs die from asphyxiation.

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I forgot to mention, it’s also very important to check the rest of your family members, even if they are not feeling itchy, just to make sure. The day after you’ve done the tedious and lengthy comb-out of the dead eggs, inspect her hair again and comb out more eggs, since you may have missed some in the first round. And, If your daughter ever babysits or works with small kids, she may have contacted it from them (the reason I’m so familiar with this process is that I worked as a kindergarten teaching assistant and I got lice from the kids). If she does babysit or work with small kids, encourage her to wear a hat or some kind of head covering. It might not look great, but it will help ensure she doesn’t get lice again.
also, make sure your daughter knows she shouldn’t feel bad about this—lice has nothign to do with clean or dirty hair, and it doesn’t reflect at all on her or her personal higiene. It’s just a yucky bit of bad luck.

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did our tips work? I hope we were able to help…

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