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Head lice and there removal?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) March 12th, 2009

my daughter keeps getting these damn headlice,have tried all remedies and combs.
nothing seems to work,we use natural shampoo and those chemical ones,even wet combing doesnt seem to do much

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OK this is an easy one… just go to your local pharmacist and he will give you the best cure for your area. You’ll be surprised how much the pharmacist knows about what is ‘going around’ and what works best.

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Head lice are commonly transferred at schools. If your daughter continues to have outbreaks of lice, you should contact the school so that they can be aware of the situation
(if they are not already aware of it) and have all the other children de-liced by their parents.

All you need to do is use the lice shampoo to kill them, then use the fine metal comb to get out the eggs and dead corpses. If you have done this but it is not working, you may be doing it incorrectly, as I have never heard of a persistent lice case. Please talk with your doctor or pharmacist to have them recommend another shampoo or to ensure your removal procedure is correct.

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Where removal? ;-)

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Shaving her head might work. No chemicals or combs needed.

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I just happen to have an information sheet next to me! Two kids in my son’s school have lice – the entire school gets the info sheet!

Have you washed all the bed linens? Make sure you are taking precautions throughout the house – anything that can be washed, wash it. I’m wondering if maybe something has been missed in the house.

Does your child attend school? You may need to call the office – like dynamicduo suggested.

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@daloon ?

it is someone at school who does not seem to clear there childs head,cause after combing her head is pretty much clean and we repeat the process next day and continue for a few days all bedding gets cleaned BOIL wash.
just few days later or at end of school week they seem to be back again ,its not as tho the school can force the parents to wash there childs hair i said have tried all the potions and lotions.

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When I was in school, I remember we were checked every year for lice. Do they do that anymore? Make sure she knows not to share hats and clothing with her classmates. I agree with everyone above who said to call the school. If they say there hasn’t been a problem, or do the head check and everyone is clean, maybe she’s getting it from a stuffed animal at home or something. Be thorough and wash and dry the hell out of anything she’s touched in the house.

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@sandystrachan Just having fun with your misspelling in the question.

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@daloon what misspelling ?

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@sandy: Does she have any stuffed animals or dolls? I had head lice when I was little, and everything, I mean everything, had to be removed from my bed and room. All my animals and dolls with hair (barbies, cabbage patch, etc) had to be put in plastic garbage bags in the attic where it was freezing cold. In a couple months, I got them all back.

Just trying to give you one more idea. It sucked. I feel bad for you and your daughter.

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@sandystrachan : Daloon is refering the “there” in your question title that should be “their.” Minor thingy…

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@ubersiren: It would help if I could read. You already said all that about the stuffed animals. ;-)

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@Les : Just go with it, man. If you try to weed out all the stuff that’s been said from the stuff you want to say, it messes up the spontaneity and flow.

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What I find curious about this situation is that schools can and regularly do ban/suspend kids from attending if they do not remedy a lice situation (or willfully reinfect others). This situation is not caused by your lack of treatment, it’s caused by some kid at school continually infecting others. This matter should now be dealt with by the school, it is now their jurisdiction and responsibility to remedy the situation by any means possible.

You should meet with the school principal and express your concerns about this issue. This is something the principal should take responsibility for and to start taking steps to fix the issue. If the principal does not or refuses to take action, keep going up the ladder, talk to the school board, then to the superintendent, etc. You may also want to look at the school’s policy for dealing with lice (if they don’t have one, then maybe you should make one exist).

Bottom line, this issue is not something you should have to remedy. You are doing things right. It is the school’s fault for not dealing with this issue.

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@dynamicduo i will look into this A*

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My daughter got it after a girl in her class came to school with it. Then my son got it. I bought the stuff at the pharmacy and it took about four hours to do my daughters waist length hair. My mom even came over to help. We bagged all the toys and put them in the garage, washed pillows and bedding multiple times, sprayed furniture and carpets, every possible thing was done. It just wouldn’t go away! I ended up shaving my sons head. I called the pediatrician and he said that the lice are becoming immune to these treatments. They are much stronger now. The only thing you can do is vigilantly pick out every single egg. It is so time consuming and I was going insane. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to get rid of!

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If they come back, maybe it’s because you didn’t kill all the eggs. When my daughter got them at school they wouldn’t let her back in school until she was clean. Don’t forget that ALL the linnens and ALL the clothes need to be washed in hot water too! Have you checked everyone else in the house too?

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another remedy, if you are tired of the poison, is covering the kid’s head in olive oil and having her sleep with a shower cap on. yucky and greasy, but it works.

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