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How to clean system out for a drug test?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1510points) January 6th, 2010

How can a daily smoker effectively clean theyre system for a drug test? Ive heard many remedies such as lots of water/cranberry juice, sweating, niacin pills, detox drinks.

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Stop smoking for a while before the test.

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If you’re looking for a job then why are you a daily smoker?

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your best bet is daily rigorous exercise, drinking a lot of water/cranberry juice, and eat foods high in fiber like fruits, beans, and whole wheat products. Unfortunately I am sure you know that marijuana stays in your fat cells, so it all depends on how much percent body fat you have and how fast/slow your metabolism is. My friend is a daily smoker and has to give a urine sample once a week. He takes multivitamins, which ones i am not sure and has passed his drug test every time. He is also fairly thin at age 21 and weighs 160 lbs.

So my advice is drink a lot of water/cranberry juice (i’ve heard cranberry juice is more effective), take a multivitamin, exercise, and if you continue to smoke, cut back as much as you can

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The only 100% way is to stop smoking

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I dont even have the job for sure. I have an interview with a rather serious job on Friday. I smoke maybe 2–3 times a day. Im around 6’1 and weigh 175 pounds.

I figured they wont drug test on spot, usually give you a location to do it at and a few days. My worry is if i stop today or tomorrow (already smoked today) would i have enough time to clean up.

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This is becoming AB very slowly…

Also, how about not smoking anything for about 48 hours.

Come to think of it, some things can even stay in your system for up to 72 hours.

Exercise a lot, drink lots of fluids, don’t smoke.

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There is a system called STAT cleanser you can get in most smoke shops. It worked for me and I gave my friend a bottle and it worked for him also. The thing is you have to not put ANY toxins in your body, if you smoke cigarettes you have to stop for the amount of time it tells you to avoid toxins. Good luck with getting your job

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lots of water, cranberry juice, and metamucile (sp?). exercising to a good sweat at least twice a day will help too. but above all stop smoking and don’t be around anyone else who is. btw if they do a hair sample test you’re in trouble (but so far as I know those aren’t common yet). good luck with the job!

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It all depends man. I get drug tested for probation and I burned 11 days before I rendered a urine and passed. I am also not a daily smoker, i used to be, but was never tested then, and I am 5’11 150 lbs. Follow what everyone has said, it all will help

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THC can stay in your system up to a month. It mixes with in with the fat cells in your body. If you’re not going to stop smoking while looking for a job then your best bet is a cleanser right before the interview or to sweat like you’re in bootcamp for about a week.

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A friend of mine used Test Pure, and it worked.

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@judochop: I know that a lot of tests today test for certain chemicals that are in many cleansers. I would not suggest taking one right before the interview. Although it depends on when the test is. I would take a cleanser if you choose that route, at least 3 days before so you do not just piss straight cleanser

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I have found the detox drinks work best.

If you have a local head shop near by they sell such kits. If you have no choice, cant hurt.

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It depends on what kind of test they do. Marijuana stays in your hair folicles a much longer time. Urine test is the easiest. Drink a ton of water.

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Gonna be stopping and just hope for a piss test. Luckily i live on the 21st floor, time to start running the stairs.

I dont think they’d do a hair test, ive only ever ran into 1 hair test. I am a smoker of cigarettes as well and i drink beer occasionally, should i stop all of that?

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Why look for a temporary remedy? Use job hunting as incentive to stop smoking. You;‘ll get healthier, and you won’t have to deal with a company’s rules to protect non-smokers.

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you can smoke cigs and drink. Unless you are drinking heavily the night before, you’ll pass a drug test for that. Afterall, those are legal.

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@Austinlad I like to smoke marijuana, not like the crazy sit at home all day stoner but i enjoy doing it at night.

Just looking for a way to get past it, ive worked this same position before in Orlando and Miami and neither drug tested even though this is a position that deals with State work. New York State might be tighter about it.

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Oh—duh!—you meant grass. Sorry.

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I remember seeing the answer on MANswers

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@mass_pike4 Many of the “cleaners” only work for a few hours so youll need to take it right before the test if not youll piss positive. I’ve used them, they work.

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ask @wildpotato. it’s where you swallow fruit pectin, it really works, but she know exactly how and when you take it.

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Fruit Pectin? Anyone every do the niacin pills thing?

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Fruit pectin? Like Surejel? I have seen that work for my brother-inlaw many times, and know how it’s done. I’ve never actually done it, tried it though, you have to have a very strong stomach to go through that. It’s a long process of warm water, cold water and the surejel which is only a few bucks at Kroger’s and gives you about a 3–5 hours window to complete your test.

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