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Why msn transfers limit to 3kb/sec?

Asked by Sebulba (892points) January 6th, 2010

Using msn to exchange files with someone is just too slow. Is it a firewall or antivirus issue? Anyone achived overiding this speed limits? Is there anything that can be done?

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MSN, AIM, Yahoo, etc, have always been incredibly slow at file transfers. The worst way to do it actually.
You have a few options.
a.) Upload to a website like
b.) Use Skype which is peer-to-peer (this means the file doesn’t go from your computer, to MSN’s server, to the friend’s computer. It Goes straight from your computer tho your friend’s)
Lemme know if either of those options seem faster.

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Or dropbox…it is free too!

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2nd vote for Dropbox. The files are persistent there too, which means if you need to send them again, you’ve got them there for your friend. I’ll send you a referral link on your profile, so as not to seem skeezy about it.

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@Sebulba there are a number of reasons for your slow transfer rate
1) you have a firewall turned on
2) your friend has their firewall turned on
3) just doesn’t work for SOME reason

but i think sending it through e-mail as an attachment makes the most sense.

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