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Who's the actress on the right in this photo?

Asked by jpeterson (157points) January 7th, 2010

Last one! Help me win a contest my friend is hosting by naming the actress on the right in this photo:


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Looks like Deborah Kerr in her The King and I days.

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Clearly involved in a production of the king & I in this pic. Looks like a much later stage version i’d rule Kerr out . Sayin that actresses not my strong suit. Afraid I don’t recognise her.

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ucme is absolutely correct. This isn’t Kerr. I do actresses, but I don’t know who it is.

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It appears this may be a false start. The contest holder voided this question but for fun left this hint: Hint: this former Miss America was an adversary to Batman.

He said Kerr is not correct.

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Ahh then it’s one of two who played catwoman. Either Julie Newmar or Lee Merriwether!

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It’s Lee Merriwether!

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My vote goes for Lee Meriwether.
Julie’s face doesn’t look the same as the photo you linked.
I went on an information hunt and came back with my answer to see that @ucme narrowed it down for everyone.

Now. What prize do we get for helping you win?!

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Lee Merriwether. It’s the eyes.

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As I said actresses not my forte. Got lucky on this one watched the batman movie last week. So her face was slightly familiar. 2 from 2 he shoots he scores!

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Carrot Top.

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Reality star? Two words incompatible, not interested outta here! Byeee.

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Gee thanks for the acknowledgement your welcome i’m sure!

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I can’t believe the asker hasn’t given any lurve for all the help he/she has been given for all these photo questions.

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@ubersiren What you gonna do with some folk?

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How do I give lurve? I’m new… hence the squid looking creature.

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@jpeterson Just click the “Great Answer” link where you feel lurve is deserved

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Don’t give me any, I haven’t helped!

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You guys rocked! I gave lurve to almost all of you know. I hope I’m all good now. I’m happy to have discovered I will complete my profile shortly and be happy to help others in need.

For anyone curious, I won a frame from this site:

I plan on getting one that says my 18 mo. old twin boys names.

Thanks again!

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Lee Merriweather gets my vote!

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Gertrude Lawrence was also in The King and I. It’s hard to tell.

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According to IMDB, Lee Merriwether did play Anna in a stage production of The King and I

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The correct answer is Lee Merriwether.

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Isn’t that Catwoman from the original Batman and Robin TV series?

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