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Why isn't my "activity I'm following" working?

Asked by fuze (17points) January 8th, 2007
I have clicked on the follow button for a few different questions but they have not been added to my "Activity I'm following" on the sidebar....any ideas? I'm on Safari.
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Yeah--This may seem unintuitive, but it shows only "unread activity" on the questions that you're follwing.
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So if you're not logged in, or in a another discussion, you'll see the activity.
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You only see responses you've never seen before.
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so to clarify, there's no way to see the questions that i'm following unless there is a new answer?
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Yes--though I think we'll change that. You're not the first person to note it's awkward. Gimme a day or two...
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You can check out the question you are following if you are lucky enough to remember the tags; but there are a LOT of tags listed now. They are alphabetized by frequency, I think. Also you can guess a likely tag. For example, I was interested in what happened to the person w. the terrible tooth pain. I had to try various versions of "tooth," "teeth," "dentist," "pain," " health," until I stumbled on the right one.
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"activity you're following" now less confusing--how's that for service? Thanks for the feedback (and feel free to use submit feedback instead of ask questions for stuff like this).
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oooh. That's nice. I dig it.....I will certainly use the feedback button in the future. Now that's what I call service!

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