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How does someone go about disappearing from their life?

Asked by SarasWhimsy (1637points) January 7th, 2010

How do you walk away from your life in hopes of starting another or just leaving everything behind? Are there steps you take? Or do you walk away and make it up as you go?

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Do you walk away and make it up as you go?

Yes. Unless you have access to lots of CASH and someone to give to you as needed.

We are talking about disappearing off the grid?

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I would slowly make changes in just about everthing I do. I just recently switched from coffee in the morning to smoothies.

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depends if you’re just looking for a fresh start or if you’re running from something and how much you care about the people involved.

if I just wanted a fresh start, I’d pull together as much money as possible quit my job and move to someplace that caught my eye and gave me a good gut feeling.

If you’re running it’s a lot more complex, you need to do as much as possible to erase yourself, credit cards, name, registrations, contacts, etc. all of it needs to go.

Don’t forget the people though, if you really and truly cut all ties suddenly and without (and maybe even with) explanation many may not understand and will resent you for it, possibly forever.

In the end though, it’s really your personal habits, thought processes, and decisions that need to be adjusted. Because those are what you most create your environment. A lot of people “run” from circumstances without realizing that they themselves are the reason those circumstances exist only to find themselves in the same situation months or years later.

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read the book Into the Wild

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I started my life over after my divorce – new home, new career, newly developing sense of self esteem. Or are you talking about disappearing?

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I’m talking about disappearing. Leaving everyone and everything behind and starting a new life someplace else as someone else. And it has to be done without money.

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Witness protection haha

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Tell you what.

Will let you live on my porch for a week. You can use the garden hose to clean up. And, I will let you pick through my trash can for food.
If you can get through that and you are ok with it. Then you are off to a good start.

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You might garner some hints from this article. I suspect that your chances of success depend on whether anyone wants to find you.

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You could fake your own death.

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You will never walk away from your life, no matter how hard you try, you will always be who you are no matter what. No matter where you go – there you are.

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All you have to do is move to where you want to be, and cut all strings attached to your “previous” life.

Depending on how “new” your life is going to be, you might have to move very far away.
All you have to do though, is buy a new house in a new town and get a new job.

Maybe in Singapore, they speak English, are most civilized, and not many Americans would think of looking there.

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