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What is the best picture size for pictures that you upload to facebook?

Asked by jctennis123 (427points) January 8th, 2010

My pictures always turn out small whether I upload them straight from the camera or resize them first. Help?

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Facebook will always resize them, it doesn’t matter what size they start. You might want to start with a large image from the camera and crop to what’s important before uploading. Here the key isn’t the size, but what you want in the picture. Usually the tighter the focus, the more interesting the picture. You can even start this when taking the picture, zoom in really tight every time, then take a step closer, or zoom in one more little bit. Unless you really want to show the surrounding landscape, close cropping or zooming is the way to go, uploading or not. Even if you want to show background, try getting your foreground (person, usually) much closer to you than the background. For example, common mistake in tourist photos, the person to be photographed gets right next to a monument or some other large item, and the photographer has to get way back to get the whole thing. Better to have the person close, and the monument way in the background so you can get it all and still be relatively tight on the person. Sorry, TMI.

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640×480 or 800×600. I usually crop and resize them myself before I upload them to make sure they preserve as much detail as possible.

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Pictures uploaded to facebook are automatically resized. If they weren’t, then high-resolution images would slow down the load time of the pages dramatically.

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I ask because whenever I upload normal pictures they always turn out very small. It is a 7.2 megapixel camera yet whenever I upload pictures to facebook they are always tiny. I have never seen pictures this small on anyone else’s profile. I resized the image to 50% of its original megapixels, uploaded it on facebook again and it was a normal size. You think its just my camera?

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I make sure they are 72 dpi which is adequate for the net and then 8×10 or slightly larger.

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These days the default area for facebook photos is 720×720 pixels (at 72dpi of coarse)

So in order to make your pictures look sharp, make sure you resize them so that the longest side is 720 pixels.

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I have posted pictures that were 200×300 and 640×480. It really doesn’t matter because for some reasons, Facebook has a way of resizing the pictures so that they can fit just right, making it easier for us busy folks.

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Thank you Inofaith!

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