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How do i get my dog to stop destroying my home?

Asked by cbella223 (9points) January 8th, 2010

I have a 9 month old puppy and when i leave him home alone in his cage he breaks out and destroys evrything he can get his paws on. What can i do to break him from this?

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What kind of kennel does he have that he can break out of so easily? Perhaps it’s time for a new one.
Chances are, he’s a puppy being a puppy. In my experience with dogs though, they are less likely to be destructive when they have access to things they are allowed to chew on and are encouraged to use them. Also, bored dogs tend to be more destructive. Is your dog getting plenty of exercise and interaction with you, other dogs, and other people?

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You will have to lock the crate better so he can’t get out. I am assuming he gets the door open. Also raw meaty bones, lots of them for him to chew on. And exercise, exercise, exercise. A tired puppy is less likely to get into trouble.

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-buy a better cage, such as a pet taxi type
-don’t leave him home alone for more than 5–6 hours maximum. Anymore time is an eternity for a puppy his age w/ his amount of energy.
-take him for walks every single day. Amazing how much that helps drain energy and make your dog happier and more well-mannered
-Leave a ball, bone, etc. in the cage to make it a little more bearable for him to stay in there.

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Its a metal one i had gotten from petco. We take him for a walk two times a day, and we have another dog and a cat he plays with but no matter i do he seems to get out and eats everything possiable. He has plenty of toys in his cage also, i just dont know what to do.

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What toys, specifically, are in his crate?

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@cbella223 Does it have one of those latches that you have to squeeze to get to lock and unlock? And does it have a top and a bottom instead of just being a fence? Also, can you put his crate in a room that doesn’t have things for him to destroy if he does get out somehow?

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yes, he has a ball and toys they say he will never tear apart, bone, stuffed animals and he just eats threw them then he will break out .

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no it has the two latches on the side you push close.The top is helld on by two latches also. He gets so mad that he pushes the bottom plastic peice out of the gage and now eats my floor.

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i have even tried to put him in a room with nothin in it but his toys but instead of playing with his toys he eats the carpet.

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Get a bunch of snaps like on the end of leashes and put them on the door so he can’t get out, then get beef neck bones from the butcher with meat on and give him one of those to chew. He ideally should not be in the crate for too many hours without a break. he is bored.

What kind of pup is it?

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@cbella223 If you’ve done all of that already, it may just be that he is a young puppy and you have to wait out the puppy stage. Don’t give up on him b/c he’ll be a normal adult dog soon. Depending on what breed you have, he may maturely mentally later than most. Firm, consistent discipline is key to letting him know you don’t approve of his behavior.

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he is Rottweiler pitbull mix

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I had left my house for an hour tonight and i had came home to him with the trash all over the place, he ate a phone book boxes, my daughters stuffed animals in her room, u name it it was probally there.

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Pups are a pain, no doubt about it. And with that mix he is probably big enough to do a fair bit of damage. The most important thing is the exercise. YOu said you walk him 2x a day but for how long and at what speed. Given his breed and age you would not want to run him hard but I would say the walks should be fast enough so that he is trotting and they should be at least an hour long. When I had a dobe pup in NYC I took her into the stairwell and threw the tennis ball, she would do a lot of flights of steps up and down with that ball.

Is he neutered yet? I would have that done. And seriously if he has bones to chew and a kong filled with peanut butter it can keep them occupied for quite a while.

There is no easy or magic solution. They are like kids, need a lot of attention when they are young.

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Maybe this type crate would work better? It sounds like the one you are using is too difficult to secure. Plus he wouldn’t be able to get at the floor. You have my sympathy, FWIW; destructive dogs are not fun to deal with. Give him as much exercise as humanly possible, a tired puppy is a good puppy! @rooeytoo suggested a kong filled w/peanut butter- I know some people put it in the freezer first, so it takes even longer for the dog to get all the yummy stuff out. Some good toys for really hard chewers, besides a Kong, are Nylabones, this one too, a big rope toy, and jollyballs; see, they even have a little Rotti playing w/one!
Good luck!

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get another pup or dog. dogs are pack animals and when humans are home then they have their “pack” with them. when the humans leave the dogs experience anxiety because they don’t have their pack. get another puppy to keep him company and they will play with each other instead of concentrating on your house.

@Anon_Jihad : that is a terrible answer.

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Don’t tell the dog…

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If you mean chewing up everything we had the same problem when our beagle was a pup. My suggestion is go to pets mart or some pet store and buy Bitter Apple, and spray it on pretty much everything before you leave. It worked for us. It makes the stuff the dogs chew on taste bad

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